“Mortal Kombat 11” is going to have a returning character in its playable roster much to fans' delight. Kitana is considered one of the strongest combatants for Earthrealm and uses bladed metal fans to fight.

The new TV trailer shows live-action actors exhibiting some of the characters' powers, including Sub-Zero’s ice powers. Near the end of the video, the metal-fan wielding actress faces off against Scorpion and transforms herself into a CG version of Kitana. In this iteration, Kitana still uses her bladed metal fans and is still agile and acrobatic in her fighting style.

Kitana is an important character in the “Mortal Kombat” story. She betrayed the main villain Shao Kahn and worked with the main characters to defeat him. Her story is also tied to Liu Kang, being the love interest of the tournament champion who is also part of “Mortal Kombat 11’s” story. So far, we’ve yet to know how Kitana will react as there are two versions of Liu Kang in the story.

One version is the current Liu Kang which is a revenant and shows great animosity to Raiden and the main characters. The other is the Liu Kang from the past, before he won the whole tournament. Her trusted right hand woman, Jade, is also now an antagonist as Jade has also been turned into a revenant.

Since the TV spot barely showed Kitana’s stake in this story, we’ll have to wait for another trailer or the game’s release to know more about her. Similar to her story, Kitana's in-game moves weren’t revealed in the trailer. In previous games, she’s noted for being a strong character as her bladed fans can be thrown and linger long on foes it hits. Her fans also allow her to blow small gusts of wind which lifts enemies up for her to keep hitting.

We’ve yet to see if Kitana will also have strong moves in this entry. NetherRealms Studios’ “Mortal Kombat 11” will be released this coming April 23.