Most Greeks believe the country's political system cannot tackle chronic graft and think most politicians are corrupt, an opinion poll published on Sunday showed.

Greece has been rocked by a series of major protests against austerity measures to deal with the debt crisis and a central demand of the protesters has been to crack down on corrupt politicians they blame for mismanaging the economy.

According to the poll by Public Issue, conducted from June 8 to 10 for Kathimerini newspaper, 61 percent of those asked believed the political system could not tackle corruption, with 52 percent saying they never or almost never trusted governments.

The current crisis of trust in governance can be characterized as structural. It confirms a crisis in representation that has not been seen before, post World War-2, pollster Yannis Mavris said in the newspaper.

The conviction that governments serve big interests is universal (89 percent), while regards the management of public money, eight out of 10 citizens think it is wasted.

Based on the poll, 78 percent of people accept the view that many or all in government are corrupt.

(Reporting by George Georgiopoulos)