On Mother Day’s you want to make sure your mother knows how much you appreciate her. These are some unique ideas to go “that extra mile” to make her feel a little bit extra-loved.

Cook a family recipe

Cooking a family favorite recipe with your mom on Mother’s Day is a great way to reminisce on a family tradition to make your mom feel special.

Tea party

Gather some of your mom’s favorite teas and have them prepared beforehand with an assortment of bakery items for a Mother’s Day tea party.

Plan a picnic

Invite your mom to the park and prepare a picnic basket filled with her favorite snacks and drinks for a Mother’s Day picnic.

Sip "Mom"-osas

A super unique and fun idea for Mother Day is inviting your mom over for a “mom”-osa. Regular mimosas can be turned into “momosa’s” by adding your own labeling to the champagne bottle and a few cups, along with a quickly made celebration sign.

Painting and wine night

Get some canvases, paint, paintbrushes and wine, then invite your mom over for a painting and wine night. You can look up some pre-painted ideas or free paint while sipping on your favorite merlot.

Rent her dream car for the day

An exotic idea for Mother’s Day would be to show up at your mom's house driving her favorite luxury car and then drive her to wherever she would like to go for the day.

Help tackle her to-do list

A simple but thoughtful idea for Mother's Day would be to just ask her what she needs help with around the house, or if she needs any help getting her errands done.