Pet Swag - Mothers Day
Celebrate the sweet pet mom in your life with this gift from Cinnabon. Cinnabon

Just because someone’s kid may be furry and have four legs and a tail doesn’t mean they have to be left out of the fun of celebrating this Mother’s Day.

For all the dog moms and pet lovers who want to be acknowledged for everything they do for their little ones, there’s a gift out there that will suit them well. Honor that less traditional mom with one of these amazing gift ideas.

BarkBox Subscription:

Dog moms are generally happiest when they are spoiling their baby, and what better way to let her do that than with a BarkBox subscription? Starting at $22/mo., these plans will allow both mom and pup to look forward to new toys, treats and chews every month.

Gift Cards To Favorite Pet Stores

Along similar lines as the BarkBox subscription, if spoiling her pet is what makes her happiest, then why not get a gift certificate or gift card to her pet store of choice? Whether she prefers Petco or Petsmart or a more local merchant, there’s bound to be a way to give her the ability to go in and buy her favorite something special.

Matching Cinnabon Outfits

Does the dog mom in your life also have a sweet tooth? Does her pup have one too? Then celebrate both their relationship and their love of the sweet stuff with these adorable pet themed outfits from Cinnabon. Available at the chain’s Swag Shop, a “Treat Yourself” T-shirt for mom costs $15, as does a matching “Did Someone Say Treat?” top for her pup as well.

Matching Collar and Bracelet Set

Celebrate the love these moms share with their fur babies by ordering them a matching collar and bracelet set from Friendship Collar. Starting at $35, these sets provide a subtle way to let them show their special bond to the world.

Personalized Pet Pillow

Does the pet mom in your life love her dog so much that she wants to share it with the world via an awesome pillow defining her dog to the world? Then the Definition of my dog pillow from Personalization Mall is a perfect gift for her, giving her the chance to define everything that makes her pet so amazing to the world.

PetCube Camera

For the mom who likes to keep a watchful eye on her pooch when she’s forced to leave the house, then a Pet Cube camera monitor is the perfect gift. Not only can she keep an eye on them, but she can still interact and have a good time with her baby as well, with models that also dispense treats and shoot out laser toys for a fun time.