Unique circumstances call for creativity when it comes to gift-giving. Luckily for those still shopping for Mother’s Day 2020, we’ve got you covered. While you may not be able to shop in-store, there are dozens of perfect gifts that you can purchase online for mom before Sunday, May 10.

New Blanket

mom gift 1
Pictured is the Seasons Blanket in White (left) and Beige (right) from Teema. Teema

This gift is one mom will use long after quarantine ends. The Seasons Blanket ($88) from Teema is not only beautifully designed, but it’s also highly-durable, comfortable, and lightweight, which is ideal for spring. As accurately described by the brand, “The Seasons Blanket is big enough for anything from a couch cuddle session to a beach picnic, yet cute enough to add a stylish accent to any room.” We agree.

Therapy In A Box

mom gift 2
TheraBox is a one-of-a-kind self care subscription box. TheraBox

If you’re gifting to someone who enjoys a good surprise, consider TheraBox. This subscription service provides a monthly box of goodies that includes “ingredients to happiness.” Each shipment provides one “inspirational thought-provoking” activity and up to eight other wellness products designed to be therapeutic for the mind, body, and soul. Items from the boxes can also be purchased separately on the site. Subscriptions can be canceled anytime. A single box retails for $34.99.

Cordless Vacuum

mom gift 3
A11 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum from Tineco in Moonstone Blue. Tineco

Help make cleaning a little easier for mom this Mother’s Day. The Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum ($259.90 on Amazon) provides the sleek design and impressive suction-power of more pricey vacuums for a quarter of the price. This slim, Moonstone Blue product is made with multi-surfaces in mind and provides up to 40 minutes of runtime without needing to be charged. The quiet vacuum easily transforms into a handheld appliance and can reach every nook and cranny thanks to its included attachments. Packaging also comes with an additional battery, filter, wall charging station, and cleaning tools.

Gifts For Her Little One

mom gift 4
One version of the Plush PaciPal two-piece set from BooginHead. BooginHead

If your gift recipient is a new mom, consider purchasing her some items from BooginHead. The brand’s Plush PaciPal two-piece set ($13.99) provides a gift for babies and a much-needed hand for mom in the form of a pacifier clip. A Bandana Teether Bib ($7.99 and up) would likely also be a welcomed gift.

mom gift 4
Boppy’s 4 & More Multi-Use Cover is pictured in use. Boppy

In the same vein, if the recipient is looking to take advantage of the warmer weather, consider gifting Boppy’s 4 & More Multi-Use Cover ($20) to provide some much-needed relief for baby and peace of mind for mom. The cover is made of a breathable mesh which makes it perfect for the spring and summer months.

Gift For Her Four-Legged Little One

mom gift 5
The Layla Pet Bed is pictured. Layla

If mom has a four-legged family member that she loves, giving her a luxurious bed for her pet may just be the ticket to her heart. The Layla Pet Bed includes a cool, copper-infused memory foam mattress. The best part is it's two beds in one! One side of the mattress offers a firmer surface and the reverse side provides a softer feel. This product is extremely durable, made with even the feisty of pets in mind, and can be machine washed. Available in small, medium, and large sizes with prices starting at $124.

Hair Dryer

mom gift 6
The Prisma Pro Dryer is pictured in Cosmos Gray. Tiri Pro

Get her a styling tool she’ll want to use daily. The Prisma Pro Dryer ($150) from Tiri Pro is next-level in that it uses Infinity Flow Technology and a Far Infrared ceramic heater to control airflow and make hair-styling all the more effortless. This tool also speeds up the hair-drying process thanks to negative ions which help break down water molecules. Help mom greatly reduce her styling time while also giving her voluminous and shiny hair with a Prisma Pro Dryer. This product is currently available in the color Celestial.

Eyelash Kit

mom gift 7
The Super Eye Duo from DIME Beauty includes eyelash boosting serum and volume mascara. DIME Beauty

Mom won’t need to worry about eyelash extensions when she gets her hands on DIME Beauty’s Super Eye Duo ($49). This two-piece set includes eyelash boost serum and volume mascara, a perfect team when it comes to achieving flawless lashes. The serum, when used correctly, builds up hair follicles, while the mascara aids in hair strength, length, and thickness for a bombshell look. Both items are vegan and cruelty-free.

Phone Charger

mom gift 11
Eggtronic Wireless Charging Stone in Marble White. Eggtronic

Charge her phone in style. The Wireless Charging Stone from Eggtronic ($69.90) is not only efficient, but it’s also nice to look at. Available in Marble Black, Marble White, Travertine, and Lava Stone, this fast-charging device is compatible with the iPhone and all Qi-enabled devices.

Slow Juicer

mom gift 8
HUROM’s H-AA Slow Juicer is pictured in Rose Gold. HUROM

If mom enjoys new appliances in the kitchen she’ll appreciate the functionary and beauty of HUROM’s H-AA Slow Juicer in Rose Gold ($459). This appliance expertly juices thanks to its alpha technology, which mimics hand-squeezing at 43 revolutions per minute. It is also easy to clean, durable, safe, and near-silent when in use. If you weren’t sold already, you will be when you learn this appliance can even make ice cream!

Workout Device

mom gift 15
The Stealth Core Trainer Stealth Plankster in Fly Yellow. Stealth

Buy mom at an at-home workout product that's useful and also fun. Using Stealth Core Trainer products, mom can get a remote and interactive training session while also playing games on her smartphone. The devices -- available in different colors and price ranges -- provide a planking platform that helps strengthen your core in just minutes a day. Two free gaming apps are included with each purchase and there’s even a private Facebook group where users can interact with one another. Prices start at $149.

Spring Suitcase

mom gift 14
The Connex Global Hardside Carry-On from Victorinox in Cassis. Victorinox

If mom enjoys traveling, she’ll appreciate this new carry-on companion from Victorinox. The Connex Global Hardside Carry-On ($299) weighs in at just under seven pounds, yet it contains spacious, expandable compartments. Each suitcase also includes an integrated multi-tool inspired by the Swiss Army Knife, complete with a USB port and other useful accessories. This Victorinox case is functional, attractive, well-made, and available in several spring colors.


mom gift 10
The Evolution Hoodie from Coalatree in Green. Coalatree

Moms who are eco-minded will appreciate the thought behind this gift. Coalatree’s Evolution Hoodie ($89) is crafted from recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles. Besides looking good and feeling comfortable, the hoodie is also functional in that it contains over 20 features, including a zippered “kangaroo pocket” to help keep valuable secure while on-the-go. This item is finished with a water-repellent coating, is designed to be fast-drying, and also contains odor-absorbing material. The hoodie is available in four shades in sizes X-small to XX-large.

Tea Infuser

mom gift 16
Pictured is the Rise 10-ounce glass bottle from Fressko's Original Series. Fressko

If mom is a fan of tea or other infused drinks, a bottle from Fressko is a great choice this Mother’s Day. The company’s Original Series of reusable and double-walled glass bottles come in sizes ranging from 10 to 16 ounces. The glass versions include a 2-in-1 infuser, making it perfect for brewing on the go. These bottles can also double as a coffee thermos as well as a standard water bottle. All items include leak-proof lids and are insulated to ensure beverages stay hot or cold for hours. Prices start at $29.95.

Face Mask

mom gift 12
The XO Face Mask from Giftgowns is pictured. Giftgowns

Help mom stay healthy while also showing off her personality with Face Masks from Giftgowns. These breathable masks are reusable and are machine washable. Unlike some other masks, designs from Giftgowns include two layers of cotton protection and an inner pocket to input an optional filter. With designs and patterns ranging from their Good Vibes mask to the Peace Sign mask and a classic black design, there is sure to be a mask every mom can appreciate. Prices start at $12.

Personal Fridge

mom gift 9
Pictured in use is the Uber Chill 2.0 mini-fridge. UBER Chill

Whether mom’s looking for a fridge to store her favorites on-the-go, a cool spot to put her skincare, or just simply wants to keep her food to herself at work, the portable Uber Chill 2.0 mini-fridge ($59.99) is a unique gift to consider. This thermo-electric appliance holds up to six, 12-ounce cans and can charge via a vehicle cigarette lighter or a traditional home outlet. Not only can this fridge keep items cool at 32 degrees, but it also has the ability to heat up to 150 degrees. A removal food shelf is included with purchase.

At-Home Foot Spa

mom gift 12
Goat Milk Foot Fizzies two-pack from Dionis. Dionis

She may not be able to get a pedicure right now, but you can help pamper mom from the comfort of her own home. The Goat Milk Foot Fizzies Milk Carton ($10) from Dionis includes goat milk bath bombs designed just for feet. Crafted with lavender, tea tree, and other great-smelling essential oils, the sea salt bath bombs expertly soak tired feet and simultaneously soften skin. Each carton contains two products that are 100% cruelty-free.

Teeth Whitening Kit

mom gift 13
Pictured is the Teeth Whitening System from SmileNV. SmileNV

Help make mom’s smile a little brighter this Mother’s Day with an at-home teeth whitening kit from SmileNV ($79.99). This system includes three uses of its dentist-approved formula, two trays, two cases, a travel bag, and a how-to guide. Even better yet, this formula is designed to reduce sensitivity that can come as a result of teeth whitening.

Self-Sterilizing Water Bottle

mom gift 6
Pictured is a CrazyCap 17 oz bottle (Gen 2) in Carrara Marble. CrazyCap

This is one stainless steel reusable water bottle you won’t need to worry about cleaning. CrazyCap’s innovative bottles ($69) use UV LED sterilization technology to destroy microorganisms inside the bottle in a little as 60 seconds and purifies water on-the-go. It’s not only functional, but it’s also fashionable with dozens of different colors and patterns to choose from.