A previous version of the story incorrectly referred to Movember as No Shave November.

“Movember” is when men grow mustaches to raise awareness for men’s mental health issues, in addition to testicular and prostate cancers. Millions of men and even women have supported the cause by growing in Mos, or at least supporting their guys who decide to grow a 'stache to raise awareness for men’s health.  

The “Mo Bros” grow for awareness began in 2003 in Australia, the Bennington Banner newsite wrote, with 30 Aussie “Mo Bros.” But 10 years later it has grown to more than 1.12 million people in 21 countries. Usually, the mustache growers will create a team and then devise a personal fundraising goal, However, a “Movember” participant does not need to have a team to donate money.

According to the site, more than $147 million was raised to help fund life-saving research. In the U.S., Movember USA is the official charity. They help teams get organized and manage donations. To donate, click here.

At the end of the month, when everyone’s mustaches are as good as they’re going to get, parties are held around the world to celebrate the hair growth. By clicking this link (the Movember USA website), participants and supporters can find a party near them.

There’s even a video contest, aptly called the “Moscars,” that encourages Mo Bros and Mo Sisters to create a video that contains the hightights of beard/mo growing. Create the Moscar video, upload it to YouTube and submit the entry through this page.

Here are some quick rules when it comes to growing out a killer 'stache:

1) Get rid of all shaving equiptment, or at least put it away so you're not tempted. 

2) Try to resist the urge to shave, even though you're probably going to feel pretty itchy. 

3) Embrace the new look. It's for a good cause.

4) Be prepared for some family criticism, especially on Thanksgiving. But again, it's for a good cause! 

5) Don't forget to shave on Dec. 1. Please! 

Good luck with the mustache growing, gentlemen (and possibly ladies.)