For 27 seasons, MTV viewers have seen TV personalities from “The Real World,” “Road Rules," and more recently "Are You The One?" come and go on “The Challenge.” While some players stick around for the long haul — we're talking about you Johnny Bananas! — others only stay for a few seasons.

When the “Challenge” stars aren’t busy filming around the world and competing in challenges for MTV, they’re working regular jobs or going to school. With MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” finale airing Wednesday, International Business Times sat down with the 2016 cast to find out what they do for work when they’re not on TV.

caramariajamie Jamie and Cara Maria's real jobs make them perfect "Challenge" contestants. Photo: MTV

Cara Maria — If you want to get in shape like Cara Maria, you should know she teaches kickboxing classes. She also has a dream of opening her own obstacle course gym. In her free time, she trains horses.

Jamie — The new “Challenge” star works as a corrections officer. He said his career experience ultimately helped guide him through the “mental aspect” of the show. (Cara Maria revealed that during taping her cousin said "The Challenge" was worse than prison.)

jennabrianna Jenna works as a babysitter when she's not modeling. Her cousin, Brianna, works at her dad's bakery. Photo: MTV

Brianna — As was revealed on this season of “The Challenge,” Brianna works at her father’s bakery. Her daily tasks include a little bit of everything from working the register, to cleaning, “yelling” at people and making cheesecake. “I can’t get fired there!” Brianna joked to IBT.

Jenna — When she’s not busy taking on baby-sitting gigs, Jenna pursues her modeling career. She’s involved with several modeling agencies in New York City. “Going in and out of the city I can’t really have a full-time job right now because I need to be flexible,” Jenna said.

cory-mitch Cory works in the entertainment business and Mitch recently graduated from college. Photo: MTV

Cory — A man of many skills, Cory works as a fitness coach, model and actor. You can see him act in the adventure comedy "University: The Third," which is due out in June. 

Mitch — The “Challenge” puzzle champion just graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a degree in economics and is considering returning to school to get his MBA. He’s currently on the job market and says he’s about to relocate to Los Angeles with Corey. “If entertainment falls in my lap, I’m down with doing more entertainment but at the end of the day, I’m just going to put my degree to work,” he said. 

Johnny Bananas — When he’s not hamming it up for the cameras, Johnny spends time traveling to see his girlfriend. Based in Southern California, he frequently travels to visit her in Tahoe. For work, Johnny has a clothing line and sold-out bobblehead. “It has done really well over the last couple of years and I’m amazed every day at how many people actually want to buy things with my name and likeness and logo on it," he said. Johnny has plans to make baby clothes in the future per fans' requests.

Vince — Since getting out of college, he’s worked as an entrepreneur. The self-classified “reserved” contestant likes to spend his free time with two dogs going to the beach.

AneesaRianna "Challenge" newcomer Rihanna works in corporate fashion, while veteran Aneesa is all about school off-camera. Photo: MTV

Aneesa — The "Challenge" veteran is serious about her school work. She’s goes to school full time and just finished an honors liberal arts program. “Class is really important to me,” Aneesa said. “I really enjoy learning and I really enjoy class. I made a promise to myself that I was going to follow through.” When she’s not hitting the books, she does yoga to keep her “sanity.”

Rianna— Rianna's career was briefly mentioned on "Bloodlines." Off-camera, Aneesa's cousin does corporate fashion, wholesale management. “It’s pretty boring!” Rianna admitted.

NanyNicole Nicole and Nany both work as bartenders when the MTV cameras stop rolling. Photo: MTV

Nany — The former "Real World" star works as a bartender, but not at the moment. She's currently in the process of up and moving her life to go to Chicago to be with her boyfriend and is focused on relocating.

Nicole — Just like her cousin, Nicole works as a bartender. She says the strip club where she works has a lot of drama, more so than the “Challenge” house. Nicole spends her free time shopping and sometimes does makeup for others. “So if you want to find Nicole you go to the mall, the makeup store or the strip club,” Johnny Bananas joked.

Abram — Abram is a man of many trades. He primarily works at Sound Color Studios, which he started with his brother and “Bloodlines” partner Mike. There they pursue art, film and musical projects. Abram also does architectural design and remodel construction. He recently did a few shows in Shanghai.

KellyAnne — She showed off her love for yoga on "Bloodlines" so it is no surprise she teaches the relaxation art to others as well. KellyAnne also helps her fans. After finding success giving diet and fitness advice online, she decided to turn it into a business. She also does volunteer work with animals.

Catch "The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines" finale Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on MTV. The "Bloodlines" reunion special follows at 11 p.m. EST.