Jessica Alba features in the next "Spy Kids" installation to be directed by Robert Rodriguez. This is not the first film for the actress with Rodriguez, they had previously worked together for "Machete".

Apparently, while shooting for "Machete", the director was mighty impressed with her multitasking skills and that inspired him to create Albas's role in "Spy Kids". Jessica Alba plays the step mother of the new faces Rowan Blanchard and Mason Cook in the franchise. The movie kicks into action when the kids discover that Jessica Alba is a former spy and she is called back into action.

The movie is made in 4D. 4D refers to 'Aromascope' where the fans can delve more into the action by having a sense of smell. All of the viewers will be given a card. The movie will feature 8 scenes where a number will flash on screen and the viewers will have to scratch the corresponding spot on their card.

Meanwhile, Alba, whose second child is due anytime now is already making plans to reclaim her jaw dropping figure. The actress told lucky magazine that she works out and also starves to lose her weight soon. "I also drink a lot of water," she said.

Having kids doesnt seem like affecting her career the slightest with a "Spy Kids" role in hand and talks abuzz about a "Sin City" sequel.

All Jessica Alba fans can look forward to see the yummy mummy back in action pretty soon after her delivery.