Whitney Way Thore
Whitney Way Thore tries wearing a wedding dress in the preview for the all-new season of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.” Pictured: The television personality speaking onstage at 3rd annual theCURVYcon during New York Fashion Week in New York City on Sept. 9, 2017. Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Curvy Events, LLC

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” fans will see Whitney Way Thore struggle with several problems in the all-new season. Based on the teaser trailer for Season 5, the 33-year-old is going be overcome with emotions when she learns that her friends Buddy and Heather’s relationship is on the rocks.

In a sneak peek at Season 5 ahead of its premiere, Buddy is seen breaking some bad news to Heather, leading the latter to shed some tears. “I wanna come clean … I was dating and stringing you along,” he tells his girlfriend at the 1:30 mark of the teaser.

In another scene, Thore is seen knocking at Buddy’s family’s house, only to hear a not-so-good update from the latter’s mother. “Where is Buddy now?” Thore asks. Buddy’s mother responds: “It’s not good news.” The promotional clip then cuts to Thore getting emotional while saying, “Just tell him that I love him and that I’m sorry.”

Aside from Buddy’s big revelation, “My Big Fat Life” Season 5 will also follow Thore’s personal romance problem. Just when Thore falls hard for a mystery man, whom she’s willing to marry, she’ll find out the hard way that her newfound love is not really what it seems. In the teaser clip, Thore is seen crying while breaking up with her boyfriend over the phone after trying on a wedding gown moments prior.

Amid her relationship troubles and her struggle with her own fertility, Thore will find herself helping her good friend Ashley prepare for childbirth. “The truth of the matter is: Ashley was never expecting to … be expecting.” Throughout Ashley’s whole struggle to prepare for the delivery of her child and the day she finally welcomes the baby, Thore is going to be by her friend’s side, reassuring her that she’s there for her no matter what.

As expected, Thore will also continue her journey to shedding some pounds in the fourth run of the show. She’ll still be active in the Big Girl Dance Class, and she’s also join a 5K race when she and her family and friends visit Hawaii. Unfortunately, Thore’s commitment to finish the race wavers when she loses her stamina halfway through.

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” Season 5 premieres Tuesday, Jan. 2, at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.