• Shigaraki has arrived in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 273
  • The latest raw scans of Chapter 273 confirms the presence of Himiko Toga
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 273 will release Sunday (May 31)

The official release of the new chapter is still a few days away. However, “My Hero Academia” chapter 273’s early scans are out indicating the arrival of the mighty Shigaraki.

This article contains spoilers for “My Hero Academia” manga chapters.

The early scans for “My Hero Academia” chapter 273 reveals Shigaraki standing near the destroyed vat. In the panel, it appears that Shigaraki is calling out for his army of villains to attack the heroes.

In another panel from “My Hero Academia” chapter 273, Shigaraki has a recording or transmitting device and he seems to be calling someone. It is possible that he is calling Gigantomachia, who in the earlier chapters was able to sense his master’s presence.

Chapter 273 is set to bring in Himiko Toga who is one of the main antagonists of “My Hero Academia” manga. Currently, she is sharing the commander duties for Vanguard Action Intelligence Regiment: Carmine with Skeptic, according to Fandom.

Coming back to “My Hero Academia” chapter 273, a panel shows Endeavor, and he looks like challenging Shigaraki for a battle.

In the last chapter, which is titled “Good Morning,” Burnin, a pro hero at Endeavor Hero Agency, announces that a team will help anyone in the neighborhood if they can’t evacuate on their own.

She is aware that soon the entire neighborhood will turn into a warzone.

Class 1-A and the pro heroes gather to systematically clear the area for the impending battle after Shigaraki wakes up. The heroes want to ensure that not a single civilian is left behind.

In the meantime, Midoriya could sense the arrival of a transcendent being. He warns that he must be stopped at any cost.

Elsewhere, Shigaraki is sitting up straight as X-Less watches in horror. Shigaraki tells X-Less that he is cold.

Meanwhile, Present Mic is taking Garaki away from the hospital. But as he takes him away, a massive explosion blows up the façade of the facility.

Preset Mic warns other heroes to stay away from the cracks. He knows that it is Shigaraki’s quirk – Decay.

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 273 is set to release Sunday (May 31). Fans can read the latest chapter on Viz and Manga Plus.  

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