• Gigantomachia is dangerously advancing toward the heroes
  • He is dragging Mt. Lady with him
  • My Hero Academia Chapter 279 is set to release Sunday, Aug. 2

Gigantomachia is moving forward and is dangerously close to the heroes as Mt. Lady’s attempt to stop him are failing. "My Hero Academia" Chapter 279 is set to showcase the heroes join forces to defeat Gigantomachia and the League of Villains.

This article contains spoilers from Chapter 279

After taking a one-week break, "My Hero Academia" returns with Chapter 279.

The students of U.A. High School are getting ready to face Gigantomachia. Twitter user Atsushi shared the summary translated by Keigowing.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 279 opens with Hanta Sero from Class 1-A wondering what is happening and he asks Setsuna Tokage of Class 1-B if her classmates are doing fine. Like Sero, Tokage, too, is unaware of the situation.

Meanwhile, Gigantomachia continues to advance and someone over the communication device announces that they see blue flames erupting on the giant villain’s back. Turns out, the League of Villains are hiding on his back and they will likely ambush the heroes as soon as Gigantomachia closes in.

Momo Yaoyorozu says she would inject the anesthetic solution but wonders if there is any scope for injection on Gigantomachia. She states they should throw the solution in his mouth.

She gives the capsules filled with the solution to the students. Meanwhile, Minoru Mineta has laid out a trap for Gigantomachia.

Gigantomachia arrives at the location while dragging Mt. Lady along with him. The students of Class 1-A and 1-B prepare to attack as Gigantomachia runs through the trap and starts to fall.

Momo alerts other heroes to head to their location when the villain starts to fall. Mr. Compress and Toga, who are on Gigantomachia’s back, are taken by surprise.

Later, in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 279, the League of Villains launch an attack on the heroes to stop them from harming Gigantomachia.

The upcoming chapter focuses on the battle between Class 1-A and 1-B and the League of Villains. Tomura Shigaraki, Endeavor and Izuku Midoriya seem to be missing from this chapter.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 279 is slated to release Sunday, Aug. 2. Fans can read the digital version of the manga on Viz and Manga Plus.

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