• Gigantomachia continues to advance toward Shigaraki
  • Mina, Kirishima and others try to put the vial filled with the anaesthetic solution inside his mouth
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 280 is releasing Monday, Aug. 10

The heroes need to put the vial filled with the sedative inside Gigantomachia's mouth. However, it is turning out to be quite a task considering the League of Villains is backing the giant. "My Hero Academia" Chapter 280 is set to showcase the struggle to put Gigantomachia to sleep before he reaches Shigaraki.

This article contains spoilers from Chapter 280

The latest spoilers for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 280 are pouring in and Twitter user Atsushi shares the full summary translated by Keigowing.

Chapter 280 starts with Dabi’s massive blast that ends up setting the woods around the students on fire. Kaminari is badly wounded as other students check on each other.

Meanwhile, in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 280, Mina goes for Gigantomachia’s mouth in an attempt to drop the vial. She is enveloped with her acid, which acts as an armor.

As Mina nears Gigantomachia, she remembers Mineta and asks him about Midnight’s condition. Meanwhile, Gigantomachia receives a message from Shigaraki who wants him to reach his location by taking the shortest route.

In the chapter, Mina remembers an incident when she faced a giant bully like Gigantomachia, who cornered her. She draws strength by remembering how she faced the giant villain in the past.

Just when she is ready to throw the vial, Gigantomachia shuts his mouth that Mt. Lady had been holding open for Mina. The villain is angry and throws Mt. Lady away. Meanwhile, Mina tries to throw the vial from afar, but chances are she will miss the mark. Just when the vial leaves her hand, Gigantomachia’s hand reaches for her.

However, Eijiro Kirishima jumps in between Mina and Gigantomachia’s palm. Kirishima is in his hardened form and pushes Mina away from the villain.

Later, Tetsutetsu manages to catch her midair. Elsewhere, Gigantomachia is back up and is holding the League of Villains in his palm. Kirishima climbs up his arm and comes face-to-face with the giant villain. He pulls out a vial and Toga throws a knife straight through the jar. Kirishima brings out another vial and throws it, which lands straight inside Gigantomachia’s mouth. It remains to be seen if it will work and stop him from meeting Shigaraki.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 280 is scheduled to release Monday, Aug. 10. The chapter will be available online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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