• Gigantomachia is inching closer to Tomura Shigaraki
  • Toga meets Uraraka in the new chapter
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 288 is set to release Friday

The new chapter of "My Hero Academia" is getting an early release as the Paranormal Liberation War arc continues. "My Hero Academia" Chapter 288 scans and spoilers are out teasing that the chapter revolves around Ochaco Uraraka and Himiko Toga.

Twitter user Atsushi shared the latest spoilers for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 288. The title of the new chapter is rumored to be "Rescue!! Takeo."

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 288, Toga, who is a member of the League of Villains, uses her Quirk to transform into an old woman.

Toga asks Uraraka to help her carry her husband, Takeo. For some reason, Takeo is asleep. It turns out it is Toga's tactic to lure her as she has questions for Uraraka.

Later, in Chapter 288 of "My Hero Academia," Toga reveals her true identity and attacks her. Toga tells the hero that she likes her and wants to be like her. Uraraka is angry as Toga used an innocent old woman's blood and life just to ask irrelevant questions. Uraraka warns her that she will help as many people as she can and if Toga interrupts her mission, she will capture her.

It is likely that in the forthcoming chapters, fans can expect a Toga-Uraraka battle as the heroes deal with Tomura Shigaraki and Gigantomachia.

In the previous chapter, Izuku Midoriya finds himself inside One For All and he sees Nana Shimura. Meanwhile, Nana is shocked to meet All For One who wants Shigaraki to look at Nana. All For One tells Shigaraki that she is her grandmother.

The chapter also brings back Gigantomachia as he continues to terrorize the city. The massive villain is rushing toward Shigaraki and destroying everything on his path. Other League of Villains members prepare to face the heroes. Dabi tells Skeptic that they will destroy the fake Hero Society. The chapter concludes with Toga wondering if the heroes have a moral compass and she wants to know if Midoriya or Uraraka would kill her.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 288 is scheduled to release Friday. The chapter will be available online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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