• Blue Jeanist's arrival disproves Dabi or Toya's claim that Hawks killed the former
  • Toya and Endeavor are likely to battle
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 292 is postponed to Nov. 29

Dabi or Toya Todoroki announces the death of Blue Jeanist and goes on to claim that Hawks is the one who killed the No. 3 hero. But Blue Jeanist's arrival toward the end of Chapter 291 in "My Hero Academia" hints that Toya is likely manipulating everyone.

The upcoming chapter will showcase Blue Jeanist in action. But fans will have to wait a little longer as Chapter 292 is delayed.

According to Manga Plus, the manga is on a one-week hiatus and Chapter 292 will release on Nov. 29.

Meanwhile, Twitter user Atsushi shared a short preview of the upcoming chapter. "Instead of being in the abyss of death, a return...!? Counter attack!!" read the brief summary for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 292, Atsushi tweeted.

The previous chapter opens with Endeavor's flashback. He remembers the day when Toya burned to death. The body was never recovered and the rescuers could only find a fragment of his lower jawbone.

The scene changes to little Toya and Endeavor in a dojo. Endeavor knows that Toya possesses a fire far greater than his own. However, he notes that Toya doesn't have the ability to overcome the disadvantage of overheating.

Later, in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 291, Endeavor recalls the moments with Toya, Rei and Shoto. Back to the present, he calls Dabi a liar and stresses that Toya is dead.

Toya even challenges him to get a DNA test. However, he reveals that he already conducted the test. Another panel shows Toya's live broadcast declaring that the test confirms he is Endeavor's son.

During the broadcast, he continues to reveal everything about the Todoroki family and how Endeavor is not a compassionate and kind hero. He goes on to state that the Pro Hero is addicted to fame.

In his monologue, Toya exposes the heroes and claims that Hawks killed a fellow hero. He mentions that Hawks is a ruthless person who killed Blue Jeanist.

Toya adds that Hawks' father was a serial robber and murderer. The agency even kept Hawks' background and real identity a secret from the world.

Toya believes that the heroes are twisted people with skeletons in their closets. He wants people to question their beloved heroes.

Toward the last part of the chapter, Dabi launches an attack on Endeavor. However, the heroes see Blue Jeanist arriving to assist the heroes.

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