• Deku remains in a terrible state
  • Mirio battles against Mr. Compress
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 295 is releasing Sunday

Deku wakes up after being unconscious and he is likely going after Tomura Shigaraki. The new issue is still a few days away from the release but "My Hero Academia" Chapter 295 leaks and spoilers are available online.

Twitter user redandblonde420 shared the complete summary of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 295. It starts with Deku suddenly waking up and his head hurts.

Apparently, he can sense something due to the All For One's Quirk, known as Danger Detection. Deku notes that this has happened before when he was in the middle of a fight.

The scene in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 295 shifts to Mirio hitting Mr. Compress in order to stop him. Mr. Compress explains through an internal monologue that the Nomus are following Shigaraki's order. Meanwhile, Shigaraki remains in a confused state, but Mr. Compress is confident that when he is in his senses they will bounce back.

Mr. Compress is trying to buy time for Spinner and Shigaraki. He knows that Spinner will be key in his awakening.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 295, when Mirio is about to hit the League of Villains, Shigaraki awakens and it is shown that the Nomus are responding to their master. The villain's awakening leads to Best Jeanist, Mirio, Bakugo and Iida getting blown away by the force.

However, he is not Shigaraki but All For One. He praises Shigaraki for having good fighters. It is revealed that the anger from Spinner, Gigantomachia and others gave All For One the power to rise. All For One orders Shigaraki to increase his hatred.

The Nomus are on the move. Spinner asks Shigaraki, who is unconscious, about Mr. Compress, Toga and Gigantomachia. All For One tells Spinner that it is okay as Shigaraki has lost to him and Endeavor. He adds that now he will compensate for Shigaraki.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 295 spoilers tease that Deku will try to catch Shigaraki using his Black Whip. But All For One announces that once Shigaraki's body is complete, he will meet Deku again. Toward the end of the chapter, in the vestige where All For One took over Shigaraki, Deku realizes that his face looked like someone who was crying out for help.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 295 is releasing Sunday on Manga Plus and Viz.

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