• Muscular and Deku are set to battle 
  • Shindo remains in a critical condition
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 308 is likely delayed to April 11

Deku is all set to face Muscular in the upcoming manga chapter. However, fans will have to wait a little longer as "My Hero Academia" Chapter 308 is likely postponed to a later date.

Recently, Viz updated the release date for the chapter. "My Hero Academia" Chapter 308 is now scheduled to release on April 11.

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Delayed
My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Delayed Screenshot/Shonen Jump Viz App

Chapter 308 will likely revolve around Deku's battle against Muscular who appeared and attacked Yo Shindo (hero name: Grand).

The previous chapter opens with a shot of a city under attack. The chapter shows two heroes, Shindo and Tatami Nakagame (hero name: Turtle Neck) from the Ketsubutsu Academy patrolling the streets. Shindo tells Nakagame they need to guide the stragglers out of her and resolve the situation quickly.

Nakagame notes the ones left are a group of hardliners. Shindo is confident as he declares he will handle the negotiation using his charming smile. But Nakagame looks unimpressed.

The heroes head to the Taguchi building but the citizens are in no mood to listen to them.

Shindo warns them of the danger and reminds them their provision inside the building won't last long. He advises them to come with them and take shelter at Ketsubutsu Academy.

The citizens fear what happens after everyone's crammed in the academy and the villains decide to attack it. They tell the heroes they are capable of protecting their hometown and are not putting their lives in anyone else's hands. Shindo reminds them the jailbreakers and Nomu are not after money or valuables, they want to kill people. He tells them the villains are only driven by violence.

Shindo also tells the citizens they are more equipped to battle against the enemies and can protect them. However, the citizens remain adamant that they are not relying on heroes anymore.

After leaving the building, Nakagame mocks Shindo's failed efforts. Suddenly, a call from Makabe alerts them about a jailbreaker. Before they can do anything, Muscular attacks the heroes.

Shindo asks Nakagame to take the citizens to a safer place while he tackles the villain.

A brutal battle between Shindo and Muscular begins and toward the end, the villain almost kills Shindo. However, Deku arrives and saves Shindo. The new "My Hero Academia" chapter will see Deku going after Muscular.

Gran Torino from My Hero Academia
Gran Torino from My Hero Academia Instacodez/Flickr/