• The sniper villain targets Deku in the new chapter
  • Deku knows this villain is stronger than other jailbreakers
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 312 is releasing Sunday

The mysterious villain with a sniper attached to her arm threatens Deku to come quietly with her. The latest leaks for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 312 are out, revealing the identity of Deku's nemesis.

Twitter user Atsu shared the leaks and spoilers for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 312, which is reportedly titled "Hired Gun."

The spoilers suggest that All For One wants Deku alive to get his One For All Quirk. Meanwhile, Hawks also talks about how the jailbreakers from Tartarus can be tackled.

However, he warns about a certain villain named Lady Nagant, who used to be a senior and former supervisor of the Hero Public Safety Commission.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 312, Deku uses his Black Whip to counter Lady Nagant's attack. She is extremely dangerous. Her bullet has the capability to make a curve and hit the target. Despite Deku's danger sense ability, he could not dodge the bullet.

Meanwhile, there is a flashback featuring Snipe on a TV show. He states that he's the second-best shooter in Japan, losing only to Lady Nagant.

Lady Nagant has bicolored hair that works like epoxy and allows her to make bullets with various properties. Although Deku notices that her shots are remarkably strong, he is still able to find her position.

In the last chapter, a group of low-ranking villains attacks Endeavor. The hero notes that they are using a Nail Gun Support item and blames Detnerat for making such high-powered weapons that are in the wrong hands.

Endeavor launches his new technique called Ignited Arrow to beat the villains. He later meets Hawks and Best Jeanist. Elsewhere, a group of protesters surrounds Endeavor. The angry protesters start hurling things at Endeavor, Hawks and Best Jeanist.

The heroes leave the spot and head toward Best Jeanist's car. Hawks asks Endeavor if they should maintain distance from Deku and All Might. He fears the media might figure out that they are working with Deku, making things difficult for him.

Later, they discuss what could be All For One's next move as he remains at large along with other villains. Endeavor notes that All For One must be concentrating on taking over Shigaraki's body. After hijacking his body, All For One will go after Deku.

However, the arrival of Lady Nagant toward the end of the chapter indicates that All For One has his eyes set on Deku.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 312 is scheduled to release Sunday. Fans can read the digital version of the upcoming issue on Viz and Manga Plus.

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