• Deku comes under attack in the new chapter
  • An unnamed villain wants to capture Deku
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 312 is set to hit the stands Sunday

A sniper fires a shot at Deku. She is a mercenary who wants to take Deku to All For One. The leaks and spoilers for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 312 are expected to drop this Thursday. It is likely the chapter will revolve around this mysterious villain and Deku.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 311 ends on a cliffhanger as the sniper girl warns Deku to come quietly with her or risk losing a limb or two.

She is accompanied by a villain, named Kai Chisaki, who was imprisoned in Tartarus. In fact, the sniper girl was the one who helped him escape the super-prison after the riot caused by Shigaraki.

Chapter 311 starts off with Endeavor coming under attack. The villains are using a Nail Gun Support item and Endeavor wonders if they got it from Detnerat.

Endeavor uses his new weapon, Ignited Arrow, to defeat the low-ranking villains.

Later, Endeavor reunites with Best Jeanist and Hawks and confirms that the villains were not sent by All For One. A mob of angry protestors approach the heroes and accuse them of the mess they are in.

The protestors believe Endeavor is still hiding something from the citizens. The heroes leave the spot and head into Best Jeanist's car where Hawks is talking to Edgeshot and telling him to keep up the search for the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Hawks asks Endeavor and Best Jeanist if they should let Deku and All Might get further away from them. He fears if the media learns they are working with Deku, he will get flak for it.

Endeavor agrees as he doesn't want Deku to get into unnecessary trouble.

The heroes are assuming the supervillains, who escaped from Tartarus, received some kind of order from All For One. It is likely the villains are creating chaos while All For One is single-mindedly focusing on stealing One For All from Deku.

However, Endeavor notes it is also possible All For One's top priority is hijacking Shigaraki's body and then go after Deku's One For All Quirk.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 312 is scheduled to release Sunday. The chapter will be available on Viz and Manga Plus.

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