• Deku enters the development studio
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 339 is releasing on Jan. 3
  • The chapter will be out on Manga Plus and Viz

Deku and his classmates know a full-blown war with Shigaraki and the League of Villains is coming. Now, Deku is looking to get improved gear before the battle begins. The latest leaks and spoilers for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 339 are out now.

A Discord user named Rukasu has shared the summary of Chapter 339 of "My Hero Academia" manga. The chapter starts with a visual of the development studio that has gotten bigger now.

The studio is where they oversee the U.A. barrier. Deku shows the Mid Gauntlets that are in a terrible state and asks if Hatsume can fix them. The gauntlets came from abroad and there are no units currently in stock in Japan.

Hatsume asks if he is in a hurry and he replies with a yes. However, she tells him it is impossible and adds that she would have to rebuild them from scratch because of their current condition.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 339, Hatsume also tells him they don't have the material, which will replicate the compression function. Iida asks her about his armor and she gives him the same answer that it won't be possible on such short notice.

Later, Hatsume is shown sitting down to work on something. Power Loader reveals Hatsume has played a key role in the making of the barrier and is still working on adding new functions to improve its security.

Hatsume hands Deku a pair of gloves, which punches him in the face. She tells him she didn't replicate his old ones but has used her own technology to build a similar one.

Meanwhile, Class 1-A is leaving U.A. with Mount Lady. She states their priority hasn't changed and it is still important to find the League of Villains and the Liberation Army.

The students are still worried about Aoyama and wonder if he will join them.

The chapter concludes with All Might and Hawks entering a building and the former says that he has collected everything they need to kick start their next plan.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 339 is scheduled to release on Jan. 3. Fans can read the digital version of the chapter online for free on Manga Plus and Viz.

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