• "My Hero Academia" Chapter 347 is releasing Sunday
  • The chapter is coming out on Viz and Manga Plus
  • The manga is also called Boku no Hero Academia in Japan

Tomura Shigaraki is able to counterattack the heroes despite the effects of Erasure deleting his Quirks. The latest leaks and spoilers of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 347 are out. The chapter is reportedly titled "Inflation."

A Discord user named Rukasu has shared the summary of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 347. The chapter starts with the heroes asking Monoma if there is something off with Erasure as Shigaraki is able to grow more hands out of his body.

Monoma explains that Shigaraki still cannot use his Quirks and it is just the natural growth of his body. He adds it is the result of the evolution of the Quirks in his body and the final result of the Singularity Point theory as researched by Dr. Garaki.

Meanwhile, Mirko’s mechanical arm and leg are completely destroyed after Shigaraki’s attacks. However, she yells, “Spares!” and a compartment emerges from the ground with replacement limbs for her.

Mirko tells Bakugou to be careful and they start arguing because the latter wants her to call him – Great Explosions Murder God Dynamight. Best Jeanist appears and asks them to get a grip and focus on the battle.

Monoma informs Aizawa that he is continuing to erase Shigaraki’s Quirks. Aizawa is aware but remains worried. Meanwhile, Mandalay states she is in touch with Deku through telepathy.

Aizawa learns Deku is pulled by Toga and he is on Okuto Island. Just when he asks Monoma to open another portal, a scream distracts them and the communication stops.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 347, Aizawa knows the limits of Monoma’s abilities. He states that in order for Monoma to open the second portal, he will have to stop Erasure for 10 seconds. And if in that window, Shigaraki uses his Decay Quirk, it will be game over for the heroes.

Aizawa gets in touch with Deku and asks him to figure out a way to return to U.A. on his own.

Meanwhile, on Okuto Island, the aquarium is the main attraction and is known in Japan and worldwide. Gang Orca, who is the head of the aquarium, alerts everyone about an incoming Nomu attack.

Deku informs Uraraka and the others that he needs to head back to U.A. alone. Ochako tells him to hurry, but Toga surprises Deku by cutting him off.

Toward the end of the chapter, Deku finds out why Toga hurts other people and the real reason his danger sense is unable to pick any of Toga’s ambushes.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 347 is releasing Sunday. The chapter will be available on Manga Plus and Viz.

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