• Heroes react to Dabi's defeat
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 353 is coming out Sunday
  • The chapter will be available on Manga Plus and Viz

The battle between Shoto and Dabi comes to an end in"My Hero Academia" Chapter 353. The new chapter is reportedly titled "Endeavor."

The chapter starts with Burnin reporting that Dabi is under arrest. All the heroes on Kamino are delighted when they hear about Shoto's victory over Dabi.

The heroes realize they need to up their game and defeat the Nomu that is still alive in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 353.

These heroes know they are lucky because they have not been sent to blocks where dangerous escapees from Tartarus are present. Elsewhere, All Might is keeping an eye on the battle and knows they are in a favorable position despite Deku being in the wrong location.

He announces and informs all the heroes at different battlefields that Shoto has defeated Dabi.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 353 then shifts its focus to a new location — the ruins of Jaku hospital. Gigantomachia is currently imprisoned here.

Mt. Lady is shown beating a few villains. She is worried about Shoto's well-being but is happy that he displayed what he is capable of.

The chapter then shows a Liberation Front member who is responsible for killing Midnight. The member says their plan has been foiled but the heroes are wasting human resources in the ongoing battle.

Elsewhere, at Takoba National Stadium, where the students had their provisional license exams, Ojiro, Tsuburaba, Sero and Satou are worried about something.

Later in the chapter, Shoto tells Iida he might have overdone it and apologizes for the same. Meanwhile, Dabi wonders why is he still alive, and a glowing sphere appears on his chest.

The scene cuts to Gunga, where Endeavor learns about Dabi's defeat and his expression is indecipherable. All For One can't figure out if Endeavor is relieved or sad after the end of the brutal battle at Kamino.

The leaks and spoilers are shared by a Discord user named Rukasu.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 353 is releasing this Sunday. Fans can read the new chapter online on Manga Plus and Viz.

"My Hero Academia" manga is based on the original work by Kohei Horikoshi.

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