• Tomura Shigaraki goes after the heroes
  • Bakugou is ready to fight back
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 358 is coming out Sunday

Tomura Shigaraki starts his attack against the heroes and this time, he is using his hands and fingers.

The latest leaks and spoilers of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 358 are out now.

The chapter shows Shigaraki on top of countless fingers and hands that are emerging from him. One of the hands has hit Suneater hard and Shigaraki asks the heroes if they will keep running away from him.

Nejire uses her waves to block the attacks, while Best Jeanist wants everyone to keep moving because if they stop, they will be swallowed by the swarm of hands and fingers.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 358, Edgeshot is shocked that Shigaraki could create something like this without any quirk. Shigaraki begins his monologue and states that the All For One quirk has stabilized inside Shigaraki's body.

Even the other quirks inside his body are adapting to the new environment and evolving into new and suitable forms. He then goes on to rant about how the world should let him control it as he will create things and exploit everyone equally.

Meanwhile, Bakugou is angry because he cannot figure out if it is All For One or Shigaraki speaking. Regardless of who it is, Bakugou is annoyed and cannot stand it.

Bakugou uses Heavy-Mobile-Compact Artillery – Strafing Panzer and starts shooting at the villain. He announces that he will destroy Shigaraki's body. The hero starts thinking about how his fellow comrades are doing whatever they can to stop this threat.

Aizawa and Monoma are using Erasure to delete Shigaraki's quirks, Yaoyorozu and the others are ensuring the presence of the arena floor, and Kaminari and company are keeping the arena running.

He recalls the time when All For One said lack of understanding results in rejection and fear. He thinks about the time Deku saved his life from the villain. And it was at that time Bakugou decided to let go of the differences with Deku and fight alongside him.

Bakugou tells All For One that all his talks are unnecessary. Best Jeanist is mighty impressed by Bakugou's actions and calls him by his hero name.

The chapter ends with Bakugou inching closer to Shigaraki with his new attack called Howitzer Impact Cluster.

The leaks and spoilers were shared by a Discord user named Rukasu.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 358 is releasing this Sunday. Fans can read the chapter online on Viz and Manga Plus. The manga is based on the story by Kohei Horikoshi.

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