A video showing a bizarre-looking creature roaming the streets has gone viral on TikTok, leaving users confused about its identity.

The clip was posted by a user, with the handle @airwave," who asked their followers, "What the f--- is this?"

It shows a black creature that resembled a mutant version of a rodent with white markings on its face. Some users said the patches on its face looked as if the creature had three eyes. However, the video was not clear enough to confirm it.

The footage went viral on TikTok as people kept guessing what the mysterious creature was. It was viewed millions of times and received thousands of comments, according to LadBible.

"That's a squirat," one user wrote, while another said, "At first I was, like, rat? Then I was, like, squirrel? And then I was, like, cat?"

"That's a squirrel that's been through some s---," one person joked. Some users said the creature was a melanistic grey squirrel, which is native to North America.

"Sometimes squirrels will take fur from their tails for their nests in spring before they have their babies. It will usually grow back," another user explained, according to Times Now.

Some even linked the creature to deadly diseases like a "bubonic plague." Another user said it looked like a Pokémon. However, the identity of the creature remains unknown.

There were several instances in the past when weird-looking creatures were spotted either under the sea or on land, making people wonder about their identity. In some cases, experts were able to identify the species.

Last month, a man in Australia was shocked when he spotted a giant creature trying to creep under the closed door of a motel. Darren Jack was at the Tall Trees Motel in Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, when he came across the creature.

"There's a massive, massive earthworm trying to get in under the door and it's trying to constrict itself," Jack said in a Facebook video. "I'll show you how big it is. There's my hand. Unbelievable!"

The worm was identified as a digaster longmani.

This is a representational image. Pixabay (CC0)