A photo showing a pile of skeletal remains allegedly found during renovation works at a home surfaced online recently. The photo was posted by a man from Michigan on Monday.

"A friend of mine was remodeling her kitchen when she found this behind the pocket door," the man wrote alongside the photo, which he shared on a Facebook page dedicated to mysterious discoveries.

The man did not provide any additional details other than saying that the remains were found behind the sliding door of the kitchen. The post went viral and received thousands of comments. But the image was later taken down, according to Yahoo News Australia.

Many people commented saying that the remains belonged to rodents or opossums, while others expressed shock over the discovery. Some users were disturbed after noticing a huge collection of what looked like dead worms piled up at the base of the door.

"Someone put out rat poison and it got carried back to the nest where they all died. I'm guessing meal worms came to eat the dead rats, and some of them died from the poison too," one person speculated. Another user suggested that these could be "Scorpion skeletons."

Some were confused about what they felt about the discovery. One woman wrote, "Soo sad and cool."

"The 'mealworms' are actually larder beetle larvae casings. Museums will use larder beetles to clean carcasses, they can strip them down to clean bone very quickly if there are enough of them," one comment read.

It remains unknown whether the house had been vacant for a long time before the renovations began. Many users said that if people lived inside the house, they would have noticed the rotten bodies emitting a stench at some stage.

"I can't believe no one ever smelled the decomposition or wondered where the flies came from," one said. "Can't imagine what that would've smelled like before they got to this stage," another wrote.

skeletal remains
In this representational image, an employee exhumes on Mount Estepar near Burgos, the remains of people dumped in mass graves over the summer of 1936 during the Spanish Civil War, July 24, 2014. CESAR MANSO/AFP/Getty Images