Actress Naomi Watts and former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson presented their message to Congress Wednesday: no nukes, please.

The pair released a public service announcement, urging a bi-partisan Congressional super committee to slash the nation's nuclear weapons budget.

The PSA was produced and distributed by Global Zero, an international organization advocating nuclear-weapons elimination.

In the video, Watts and Plame Wilson challenge the committee, charged with finding $1.2 trillion in federal spending cuts, to divert billions of dollars the U.S. currently spends on its nuclear arsenal and use it to shore up education and other priorities.

We're both mothers, and along with Global Zero, we're urging our government to invest our tax dollars in essential things like education, jobs, health care and not in useless, dangerous weapons that belong in the dustbin of history, says Plame Wilson, a former CIA counter-proliferation specialist, in the PSA.

They ask viewers to sign Global Zero's petition,

Watts portrayed Plame Wilson in the film version of the latter's bestseller, Fair Game.