"Naruto Shinden" ("The New Legend of Naruto") will soon be coming to the small screen and giving longtime fans of the manga and anime something to look forward to in the future.

"Naruto Shinden" ("The New Legend of Naruto"), which was written by Jun Esaka, Mirei Miyamoto and Takashi Yano, will be getting an anime adaptation, according to the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump (via Hypebeast). The novel series was created in collaboration with original "Naruto" creator Masashi Kishimoto, the latter being the one responsible for all the book illustrations.

"Naruto Shinden," similar to the "Boruto" storyline, is set 15 years after the end of the Fourth Shinobi War. However, this spinoff puts the spotlight on Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke and Nara Shikamaru as adults.

According to the iconic manga magazine, fans will be able to see "Naruto Shinden" ("The New Legend of Naruto") onscreen when it premieres on Feb. 10. It will air alongside "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" for three weeks.

Speaking of "Boruto," the "Naruto" sequel's illustrator Mikio Ikemoto recently explained how the original and sequel differ from each other in an interview with Lucca Comics & Games, according to Comic Book.

In the interview (as translated by Danbito), Ikemoto explained that "Boruto" focuses more on issues in modern society, such as the right or wrong use of technology and stepping out of the shadow of one's family. However, "Naruto" was more focused on loneliness and how to overcome it.

Ikemoto's words highlight the main difference between the father and son and the kinds of obstacles they had to overcome. Naruto started as a nobody in Leaf Village who was despised and neglected, whereas his son had to shoulder his father's enormous legacy and found himself wanting to escape it.

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"Naruto Shinden" is getting an anime adaptation. Naruto