Nash Grier is the most-followed person on Vine. He currently has around 8.7 million followers on Vine and 2.7 million followers on Twitter. Vine/NashGrier

The father of Vine star Nash Grier is speaking out as his son continues to face backlash for a video clip showing the North Carolina teen using an anti-gay slur.

Chad Grier told the Charlotte Observer Wednesday the video was “stupid and immature” decision by his son.

“Nash is not a hatemonger or a homophobe,” but there’s no excuse for posting a six-second spoof in which the teen yelled a slur against gay people, said Grier, of Davidson, N.C.

High Point’s WGHP reported that the 16-year-old uploaded the video to his Vine account in April. It was quickly removed from his account but was later recorded and reposted by another Vine user.

The video begins with a clip from an HIV-testing commercial.

“Testing for HIV. It’s not a gay thing,” an actor in the video says.

The video then cuts to Grier’s face, and he yells, “Yes it is!” He then shouts a slur used to describe a gay person.

Gay YouTube personality Tyler Oakley came across the clip and reposted it to his account on Sunday after it began trending again on social media.

Chad Grier told the Observer that he saw the video in April, close to a week after his son first posted it. He said he spoke with Nash about the video and that his son then removed it from his account.

“It was just a stupid, immature attempt to be funny,” Chad Grier said. “It wasn’t funny.”

Grier added that his son understands that he may have hurt some people by using the slur and that Nash will use this incident as a lesson.

The younger Grier quickly posted an apology for the video after Oakley shared the clip. He posted the following message to his Twitter account on Sunday afternoon:

With around 8.7 million followers on the social media site, Nash Grier is currently the most-followed person on Vine.

Vine is a social media app that allows users to post brief video clips. Nash Grier has gained a huge following for his comedic videos on the site.