Nashville Juliette
Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) will be encouraged to start working again in “Nashville” Season 5, episode 3. CMT

“Nashville” Season 5 is moving the focus away from Rayna this week. Instead of taking care of Juliette full time, Avery will be working with a new musician in episode 3. However, he just can’t escape stubborn divas.

The synopsis for episode 3, titled “Let’s Put It Back Together Again,” reveals that he’ll have a tough time with his newest singer. “Avery [Jonathan Jackson] struggles producing a young YouTube sensation,” the summary teases. So who is this new talent? Ashley Willerman, an internet comedian, played by Bridgit Mendler. Avery brought Deacon (Charles Esten) on to work on the record, but she might not want to listen to the veterans helping her.

Also in the studio will be Maddie (Lennon Stella), but don’t expect her to be behind the microphone. “Maddie begins an internship at a recording studio and meets a street musician,” the episode 3 synopsis teases. The trailer already revealed that Maddie will run into Clay (Joseph David-Jones). As previously reported, he’s an undiscovered talent in Music City, but he suffers from intense mood swings.

Nashville 503 spoilers
Maddie (Lennon Stella) meets a cute boy in “Nashville” Season 5, episode 3. CMT

New characters will continue to steal scenes elsewhere too. “Juliette meets her guardian angel,” the synopsis says. After searching for Hallie (Rhiannon Giddens) last week, Juliette will finally reunite with the woman who saved her after the plane crash. The country star might be a bit overzealous when she meets the church singer, though.

The promo video also makes it clear that she won’t be afraid to get emotional in front of the woman who saved her life. Fans can get a glimpse of the reunion in the episode 3 trailer below:

“Nashville” Season 5, episode 3 premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on CMT.

Nashville Bridgit Mendler
Bridgit Mendler plays an overconfident internet sensation in “Nashville” Season 5, episode 3. CMT
Nashville 503 synopsis
Deacon (Charles Esten) will hope that an internship can keep Maddie (Lennon Stella) grounded in “Nashville” Season 5, episode 3. CMT