A feast of burritos is better than most things people covet in their lives, including a luxurious lifestyle. There is no denying that a burrito put us in a good mood even on the worst days of our lives, thus making the dish our romantic escape in a world full of chaos.

National Burrito Day falls on April 1 every year to honor the savory Mexican wrap that is now popular across the world. 

Burritos are made out of tortillas rolled with savory fillings. One can choose from a wide array of options in the filling, ranging from minced beef to beans. Burritos often come in different sizes.

Here are some fun facts about burritos that will surely bring a smile to your face: (Courtesy: elcharrito.com)

  • Reason behind the name: It’s already known that burrito is a Mexican dish. The name itself is derived from the Spanish word "Burrito" which means "little donkey." The dish was so named because the ends of a burrito resemble the ears of a donkey.
  • A simpler version: While American restaurants offer varied options as fillings for burritos, the authentic Mexican ones comprise a handful of meat, potatoes, rice and beans.
  • The date of origin: The actual date when the burrito came into existence isn’t known yet. However, the name first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1958.
  • For farmers: Burritos were made by keeping the convenience of the farmers in mind. Long before the dish had people obsessing over it, field workers would carry burritos to their workplaces where they would spend the entire day.
  • How it reached the U.S.: Burritos were introduced to the U.S. in the 1950s by immigrant workers who hailed from central Mexico. It first rose to popularity in southern California and gained nationwide attention shortly after.

mexican-2456038_1280 Burrito Photo: Pixabay