Whether you like your cappuccino first thing in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up, National Cappuccino Day makes for a good excuse to enjoy a special cup of the popular coffee drink.

Observed every Nov. 8, National Cappuccino Day celebrates the caffeine fix that comes when double espresso, steamed milk and foam are combined to make that perfect cup. Although coffee shops may have their own special techniques to make the frothy drink and some people may even have their own preferences, there's no denying that cappuccino has captured the taste buds of coffee lovers everywhere.

There are so many ways to celebrate National Cappuccino Day, the simplest being, indulging in a rich cup of cappuccino, whether from your own machine or your favorite coffee shop. Some people may also share their love for it on social media using #NationalCappuccinoDay and perhaps posting photos of incredible cappuccino art by talented baristas.

Another way would be to learn a little bit more about this beloved drink. For instance, did you know that its origins go way back to an unverified legend stating that it was invented by 17th century monk Marco d' Aviano after the Battle of Vienna or that it got its name from the color of the hooded robes that Capuchin friars in Italy wore?

No matter how one chooses to celebrate this beverage-related holiday, the point is to express one's love and appreciation for cappuccino.

To mark the occasion, let's celebrate this frothy coffee drink with some quotes. (Courtesy: Coffee Confidential, AZ Quotes and Good Housekeeping)

  1. "As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?" - Cassandra Clare
  2. "Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break." - Earl Wilson
  3. "Coffee is a language in itself." - Jackie Chan
  4. "We want to do a lot of stuff; we're not in great shape. We didn't get a good night's sleep. We're a little depressed. Coffee solves all these problems in one delightful little cup." - Jerry Seinfeld
  5. "What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup." - Henry Rollins
  6. "The powers of a man's mind are directly proportional to the quantity of coffee he drinks." - Sir James MacKintosh
  7. "Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it's hard to go back to sleep." - Fran Drescher
  8. "Coffee connects us in so many ways – to each other, to our senses, and to the earth that supports the coffee trees." - Rohan Marley

Cappuccino/Caffeine/Coffee Representation. Photo: Pixabay