Pizza is not just food but a whole emotion. People who love pizzas can definitely relate to it. The cheesy delight speaks the universal language of love and over the years, culinary experts have given many creative twists to the cuisine to make it all the more appealing.

One of such creative variants of pizza, the Deep Dish Pizza, was invented in Chicago. Now, the Deep Dish Pizza has cut across the national barrier and reached several notable pizzerias all over the world.

National Deep Dish Pizza Day is annually observed on April 5 to appreciate the saucy treats that come with a wide array of toppings.

History of Deep Dish Pizza:

Deep dish pizza was originated in the Windy City in Chicago and was later introduced overseas by Neapolitan immigrants. From being a local favorite, the Deep Dish Pizza evolved into a culinary icon in Chicago over time. The pizza with thick crust and an inverted layer of cheese was invented by Ike Sewell, the founder of Uno’s Pizza in 1943.

Uno’s Pizza is now a big brand after having undergone a change in its name. The pizzeria is now famously known as Uno Chicago Grill where large groups of visitors wait in queues to satiate their hunger calls. The restaurant currently has over 200 chains all over the world.

Here are some fun facts about the pizza of heavenly taste: (Courtesy: Elite Daily and Pizza’s Chicago)

  • Deep dish pizza is packed with antioxidants due to its crust size, longer baking time, and higher oven temperature. Experts believe these pizzas have the potential to fight several illnesses.
  • Chicago-style deep dish pizza is available in gluten-free variations to suit the preference of weight-watchers and health enthusiasts.
  • The layering of deep dish pizza differs from how the regular thin crust pizza is layered. Since the deep dish pizza requires a longer baking time, the cheese is laid first to avoid burning. The toppings are added over the cheese, which is then topped with tomato sauce and baked carefully to make sure the ingredients don’t end up burnt.
A pepperoni pizza is pictured. Andreas Riedelmeier/Pixabay