Are you a dog person? Monday marks the start of the celebration of the 75th National Dog Week. Dating back to 1928, Captain Will Judy created the week as a way to make sure all dog owners were educated in caring for their pets. 

This year’s theme is “Man’s Best Friend.” Below are five facts you should know about your dog:

1. Dogs don’t feel guilt.

Yelling at your dog over ruining your favorite pair of shoes will not make them feel guilty. However, they can read body language and will react to your display of anger, making them appear “ashamed” over the naughty act they have committed.

2. Like humans, dogs are right and left handed.

The same way that we have a dominate hand, dogs have dominate paws. Purina Pro Plan and Dognition stated that while 46 percent of dogs are right pawed, 30 percent are left pawed and 24 percent are ambidextrous. To find out if your dog is right or left pawed watch to see which paw they use first when stepping off of the stairs.

3. Dogs prefer to spend the majority of their time with humans.

While dogs may seem to be having a blast playing with a fellow canine at home, in the park or at the dog kennel, research done at Ohio State University found that dogs typically prefer human companionship.

 4. Dogs remember important people and dogs in their lives.

While dogs typically remember where you store their favorite treats or their leash, their memories extend further than that. Dogs can remember their mothers following two years of separation, however, they do not remember their siblings. Owners who take long trips or head away for school will be remembered based on whether the animal sees you as a sibling or a mother.

5. A dog’s brain begins to change around the age of seven.

When a dog hits seven years old, their memory, awareness, learning and decision making begins to change from when they were puppies. Certain dog food brands claim they can support these cognitive changes in older canines and help them to think the way they used to when they were younger.