French fries from a fast food outlet are seen on Jan. 7, 2013, in Bristol, England. Getty Images

What better way to celebrate Hump Day than with french fries? Wednesday is National French Fry Day, another made-up food holiday that is both definitely ridiculous and definitely worth recognizing for the deals alone.

Americans love their fries. Potatoes — along with tomatoes — accounted for more than half of the vegetables available for people to eat in 2013, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Two-thirds of the roughly 116 pounds of potatoes available per person came in the form of potato chips, fries or similar snacks.

"Potatoes are the ultimate comfort food: human beings are programmed to crave salt, and who can resist the siren song of the deep fryer?" author Noah Charney wrote in Fine Dining Lovers in 2014.

On Wednesday, use National French Fry Day as an excuse to eat. And don't worry about it breaking the bank — here are 13 freebies and deals to get you the delicious treat at a discount, collected from GO Banking Rates and Parade:

BurgerFi is giving out an order of free regular fries with any purchase of its CEO, a new burger made from wagyu and brisket and topped with swiss cheese, truffle aioli and bacon-tomato jam.

In Chicago, Frite Street is giving out free fries while supplies last.

The New York Fry Society, which is free to join, is giving its members free fries Wednesday.

DesiGalli, an Indian restaurant in New York City, will be giving customers free plates of Desi Poutine. Poutine is usually made with gravy and cheese curds, but DesiGalli mixes up the recipe by pouring tikka masala gravy over fries and finishing it with paneer.

IHOP is running an "endless fries" promotion where customers who order certain burgers get free refills on fries through July 31. How many can you eat?

At Arooga's Grille House and Sports Bar, buy one basket or skillet of fries, get one free. The deal works at most of the chain's locations in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Penn Station Subs, which has more than 300 locations, is serving up a free small order of fries to any customer who buys a sub. Just tell the server you're taking advantage of their National French Fry Day deal.

At Hoptinger in Florida, enjoy free fries when you buy any beer or cocktail through 7 p.m. EDT.

Ground Round, a franchise with restaurants in states like Kansas, North Dakota, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, is advertising free fries for dine-in customers.