• National Jelly Bean Day is celebrated on April 22
  • The most memorable flavors of jelly beans are Rotten Egg, Stinky Socks and Barf
  • One Jelly Belly jelly bean can take up to 14 days to make

April 22 is National Jelly Bean Day! On this day, the candy is celebrated in all its glory and flavors.

Aside from the sweet, sugary taste they bring, jelly beans are known for their versatility. Regardless if you're using them to create beautiful art or as ingredients to recipes, jelly beans are sure to never disappoint.

On this special day, here are 13 facts you probably didn't know about the candy, courtesy of National Today, and Jelly Belly:

It takes between 7 to 14 days to make one Jelly Belly jelly bean 
Jelly Belly revealed that the delicate process of making jelly beans takes up to 14 days -- this is because the candy maker needs to make sure that each of the jelly beans has their distinctive shape and chewy flavorful center.

Jelly beans come in variety of flavors 
Jelly Belly offers more than 100 flavors of its jelly beans -- enough to give your dentist a scare!

Around the world five times and more 
If you were to lay all the jelly beans consumed last year end to end, they would be able to circle the Earth more than five times.

First in Space 
The first jelly beans to reach space weren't just any other beans -- they were Jelly Belly beans. The jelly beans were sent on the 1983 Challenger mission by Ronald Reagan to serve as a little treat for the astronauts.

A Jelly Belly jelly bean is made up of 32 real ingredients 
Contrary to what most people think, Jelly Belly beans require a good number of ingredients to get that specific, flavorful taste.

Top 3 flavors 
In the United States, the top three flavors of jelly beans include Very Cherry, Buttered Popcorn and Licorice. Sizzling Cinnamon and Juicy Pear are also two of the most loved flavors of Jelly Belly beans.

It is popular worldwide 
Jelly Belly beans are available for purchase in more than 80 countries.

Each Jelly Belly jelly bean is signed 
Another reason why the process of making one Jelly Belly bean takes a long time is because each bean needs to be signed and should be marked with the logo name of the brand.

As heavy as elephants 
The number of jelly beans made in a day is equivalent to about 24 elephants in weight.

Jolly Jelly Easter
Although it is unknown why jelly beans are often associated with Easter, many believe it is due to their similarity in shape with eggs and their bright colors.

Its most memorable flavors are sure to leave an impression 
Some of the most memorable flavors of jelly beans include Rotten Egg, Barf and even Stinky Socks. These flavors are sure to leave an impression on those who have the guts to try them.

About 5 billion jelly beans are sold every Easter 
During Easter alone, about 5 billion jelly beans are sold, according to Jelly Belly. This number of jelly beans is enough to go around the United States 15.5 times.

Jelly beans helped Ronald Raegan quit smoking 
It is known that Ronald Reagan, the 40th U.S. President, was a big fan of jelly beans. He would snack on them in his attempts to quit smoking.

Beer-Flavored jelly bean Parents are brewing up a controversy over Jelly Belly's new beer-flavored jelly bean, since the candy is often marketed to young children who are not of legal drinking age. Photo: Jelly Belly