Founded by the company Freshpair in 2003, National Underwear Day is celebrated every year in the United States on Aug. 5 with an aim to promote positive body image.

This was done to promote body positivity in a society where it becomes difficult to embrace such a concept.

The movement has since gone viral and is celebrated by posting a few photos on social media to encourage accepting one's own body. In some major cities in the U.S., eye-catching flash mobs wearing underwear, are also arranged.

To mark the occasion, here are a few quotes that will help you embrace your body. (Courtesy: Good House Keeping)

  • "It doesn’t have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see." - Gabourey Sidibe
  • "We’ve forgotten what a regular body looks like. There are people out there who are struggling, and I’m struggling, and it’s okay to come to terms with realizing it’s going to be a bit of a journey." - Chrissy Teigen
  • "Since I don’t look like every other girl, it takes a while to be okay with that. To be different. But different is good." - Serena Williams
  • "I definitely have body issues, but everybody does. When you come to the realization that everybody does — even the people that I consider flawless — then you can start to live with the way you are." - Taylor Swift
  • "Your words have so much power. Every day, if you tell yourself, ‘I love you,’ if you give yourself one word of validation, it will change your mind." - Ashley Graham
  • "Don’t waste so much time thinking about how much you weigh. There is no more mind-numbing, boring, idiotic, self-destructive diversion from the fun of living." - Meryl Streep
  • "People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder." - Salma Hayek
  • "How I feel about myself is more important than how I look. Feeling confident, being comfortable in your skin — that’s what really makes you beautiful." - Bobbi Brown

Women in their underwear dance near the Seine river in Paris Women in their underwear dance during a flash-mob named "beautiful naked" organized by French TV M6 in front the Notre Dame Cathedral near the Seine river in Paris Photo: Reuters