• Naya Rivera's cause of death has been revealed 
  • Rivera reportedly used all of her energy to save her son  
  • The "Glee" star's body was found floating in the northeast part of Lake Piru 

Naya Rivera's cause of death has been revealed after the actress’ body was recovered from Lake Piru.

On Tuesday, less than a week after Rivera went missing, the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed in a press release that her cause of death is drowning.

“The circumstances and visual characteristics all indicated that the body was that of Naya Rivera and the identity has been confirmed by dental comparison,” the press release was quoted as saying by Us Weekly.

“The body has been x-rayed and a full autopsy has been performed. The autopsy findings are consistent with a drowning and the condition of the body is consistent with the time that she was submerged. No traumatic injuries or disease processes were identified at autopsy.”

According to the report, there was no indication that drugs or alcohol played a role in Rivera’s death. However, specimens will still be submitted for toxicology testing.

Meanwhile, Robert Inglis of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office search & rescue team believes that strong winds contributed to the actress’ drowning. He said that the gusts at Lake Piru may have blown the boat away from Rivera and her son.

“What I suspect is that the winds kicked up. Those pontoon boats are very light, and when you push them, it can get away from you. She might’ve tried to swim after the boat,” the diver told Us Weekly.

He added that not wearing a life vest before getting into the water was another factor. Swimming can be exhausting and wearing a life vest allows one to rest, according to him.

“Winds do kick up at that lake, and the boats start to get away and you are trying to go after that boat … you could get a leg cramp. If you are wearing a life vest, you could rest and someone can go back and pick you up, or call for help or something like that,” Inglis said.

Ventura County Sheriff William Ayub told reporters that Rivera used all of her energy to get her son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, back onto the boat. Hence, the “Glee” star couldn’t save herself and drowned, Page Six reported.

Jorsey told the officials that his mom helped him get onto the boat. However, when he looked back, he could no longer see her in the water.

Rivera's body was found floating in the northeast part of Lake Piru on Monday.

Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera is best known for her starring role in the hit TV series "Glee." GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/David Livingston