Another patch has been released today for the basketball simulation game, "NBA 2K20." The latest update brings important bug fixes and some changes. But, game publisher 2K hasn’t yet detailed and shared the changes made on the patch notes or blog post.

According to a moderator from the official "NBA 2K" Reddit page, the latest patch update is focused on addressing and removing bugs as well as fixing the ongoing teammate joining issues, which plagued many "NBA 2K20" players. However, there still no confirmation about the changes made and fans are still waiting for the full patch notes release.

The latest update target mostly the Neighborhood mode

"NBA 2K20" update 1.06 goes live on PS4 and Xbox One consoles without patch notes. But, 2K confirmed and detailed some of the changes made on the game’s official Twitter. The latest patch, which according to the information shared on the game’s official Twitter account, targets mostly problems with the Neighborhood mode. This is already expected by many "NBA 2K" players, given the popularity of the Neighborhood mode.

A new NBA 2K20 update has been released today and includes another whopping download size for fans on PS4 and Xbox One. steamXO/Flickr

According to the recent post on Twitter, the latest patch update fixes incorrect MyPLAYERs loading when joining friends in The Neighborhood mode. It also fixed the issue about users getting disconnected during timeouts in some online game modes. Additionally, the latest patch also fixed the issue about hanging when dismissing the phone in The Neighborhood mode.

The latest update comes in monstrous size and without the full patch notes

"NBA 2K20" update 1.06 comes in at monstrous 14.621 GB, making it like the size of a full-length video game. NBA 2K fans have, reportedly, flagged the newly released update on social media channels and confirmed that the publisher 2K made another hefty download size. However, fans are still wondering about the sheer size of the late update. Given the whopping 20GB of download file, many have assumed that the company has made so many changes.

Fans are also guessing why the patch notes have not been released with the update. The game publisher has been sharing patch notes following recent releases, but the latest patch release makes a guessing game. Fans have no idea what has changed in the latest update. So, it could be a while before the gaming world gets access to the full patch notes.

About NBA 2K20

Developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K, "NBA 2K20" is a basketball simulation video game based on America’s premier basketball league, National Basketball Association (NBA). The "NBA 2K20" is the 21st installment in the "NBA 2K" franchise game series. The basketball game was first announced in the spring of 2019 and was officially released on September 6, 2019. As for the gameplay, the game focuses on NBA games with some real-life and customized NBA players and teams. Players follow the same NBA rules and objectives. There are also game modes and customized settings.

"NBA 2K20" is currently available on Windows PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.