NBC’s newest music series, “Songland,” which premiered tonight, is all about finding the next hit song for today’s biggest artists. Along the way, viewers might just find their next favorite song to listen to, as well.

If you’re here, it’s likely the music from episode 1 already has you hooked. Luckily, most of the songs featured can be downloaded or listened to online.

Every week, not only is the winning song recorded and released by that week’s guest artist, but music publisher BMG, which has partnered with “Songland,” will also be releasing the songs of two runner-ups, according to Variety.

Here’s where you can get the songs from the Season 1 premiere of NBC’s “Songland”:

John Legend, “We Need Love”

The “Voice” judge’s version of Tebby Burrows’ winning song can be purchased on iTunes or listened to on Spotify.

Tebby Burrows, “We Need Love”

While her cut of the song, which country songwriter Shane McAnally helped her with on the show, isn’t available because it’s now Legend’s, she does have music available under the name “Tebby” on Spotify, including a track with Jeremih, called “Medicine.”

Max Embers, “Back Home” / “Lookin’ Up”

Originally called “Back Home,” Embers performed a new version of his song at the end of the episode, calling it “Lookin’ Up,” after working on it with Ryan Tedder. While the “Voice” judge didn’t end up choosing it, Ember’s version of the track is available on Spotify and iTunes.

Sam James, “Shinedown”

Unfortunately, James’ track, “Shinedown,” wasn’t chosen by Legend and isn’t available online, either, but he has other music that is, including some of his songs from his time on “The Voice.”

He was part of the Blind Auditions for Season 2 but didn’t make it through. He returned for Season 3, though, and joined Adam Levine’s team before getting eliminated in the Knockout Rounds. His rendition of songs “Imagine” and “You Give Love a Bad Name” are available on Spotify.

Ollie Gabriel, “Something New”

His song, “Something New,” which he worked on with Ester Dean, wasn’t picked by Legend, but Gabriel’s version is still available for “Songland” viewers to check out on iTunes and Spotify.

“Songland” airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EDT.