CBS’ “NCIS” is back this fall with an all new Season 14. Last season saw the departure of cast member Michael Weatherly, who played Special Agent Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo on the long-running crime procedural. After a season of painful recovery for Gibbs, solving crimes and chasing Ziva David’s killer, “NCIS” is back with a plethora of engaging stories.

Here are eight things you need to know before the Season 14 premiere:

1. Episode 1 Synopsis

Episode 1 kicks off with the NCIS team investigating a deadly car explosion in Washington, D.C. This explosion is quickly linked to Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), an undercover agent who disappeared six months ago during an assignment in Argentina.

While Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) team is busy investigation, he asks Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn (Jennifer Esposito) to shadow his team. Alex pays Gibbs a visit because he has rejected an alarming eight applicants for DiNozzo’s position.

2. Episode Titles

CBS has released the titles of the first few episodes of “NCIS” Season 14. They are:

  • Episode 1 – “Rogue”
  • Episode 2 – “Being Bad”
  • Episode 3 – “Privileged Information”

3. New Characters

It takes an army to replace DiNozzo! The CBS series has recruited not one, not two, but three new cast members to replace the beloved character. Valderrama stars as Nick Torres, an NCIS Agent who has spent most of his career working undercover. He is described as charismatic and unpredictable.

NCIS CBS Wilmer Valderrama joined the NCIS team as Special Agent Nick Torres in the Season 14 premiere. Photo: CBS

The second new character is Agent Alex Quinn. She is described as a quick-witted and talented agent. Quinn used to work in the field before she left it for a desk job that involves training agents. She is persuaded by Gibbs to join to team. Additionally, the “NCIS” season 14 trailer indicates that she will replace some of DiNozzo’s goofiness with her own. What many fans may not know is that Alex actually knows Gibbs. Better still,

Agent Quinn trained Agent Torres! She knows Gibbs and Nick.

The third new character to join the team is MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry) who was introduced in the Season 13 finale. He is on loan to the team as a terror liaison.

4. McGee And Delilah’s Wedding

It’s about time! McGee (Sean Murray) will propose to his long-time girlfriend Delilah (Margo Harshman) in Season 14. It is extremely likely that a wedding will take place on “NCIS” very soon. The question is: Will DiNozzo drop by to congratulate his friend?

McGee will also get promoted to senior agent after DiNozzo’s departure.

5. Gibbs Has A New Roommate

Surprisingly, FBI Agent Tobias C. Fornell (Joe Spano) will be Gibbs’ new roommate on “NCIS.” While he is recuperating from injuries, the pair will share some lighthearted moments.

6. Gibbs’ Dad Appears In An Episode

The team’s leader hasn’t spoken to his father, Jackson, for several years. However, when two marines are beaten and one is fatally wounded, the team heads to Gibbs’ hometown -- Stillwater, Pennsylvania. Soon Jackson starts to spill secrets about his son’s past and embarrass the senior agent. This Season 14 episode will also reveal the story behind Gibbs’ name.

7. Ducky’s Mentor Appears In An Episode

Harmon’s character isn’t the only one greeted with a blast from the past. Another Season 14 episode of “NCIS” will introduce Ducky’s (David McCallum) mentor, Dr. Walter Magnus. He insists on joining the team in their investigation of the death of Petty Officer Simon Craig. He was found dead at a college fair. Craig’s head was bashed in.

8. This Is The First Season Of “NCIS” Without Michael Weatherly

Don’t worry, Weatherly will still be on TV. You can see him headlining a new CBS series, “Bull,” which is loosely based on Dr. Phil McGraw’s career. Weatherly plays Dr. Jason Bull, a trial consultant rife with charisma and possessing an acute knowledge of human psyche and intuition.

“NCIS” Season 14 premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.