CBS’ “NCIS” will explore Alex Quinn’s backstory this week, but it looks like an upcoming Season 14 episode will also delve into agent Ellie Bishop’s past.

Emily Wickersham, who plays Bishop on TV’s most watched drama, shared a photo of her and three men on her Instagram account. She captioned the photo, “Meet Bishop’s brothers @jaydoubleyoujay @jessebradford @realryandoom”

This isn’t the first time Bishop’s family has been seen in “NCIS.” “The Bionic Woman” actress Lindsay Wagner guest-starred in a Thanksgiving episode as Bishop’s mother. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) even met Bishop’s mother during the episode.

Although it’s unclear when we will see Bishop’s three brothers, it will certainly happen soon.

In other news, Wickersham also shared several photos of her goofing around on set with her “NCIS” co-star Wilmer Valderrama. Valderrama also posted several photos and videos of him having fun while shooting new Season 14 episodes.

Today’s episode of the long-running procedural will see Gibbs work with Bishop, Quinn (Jennifer Esposito) and MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves (Henry Duane) in order to catch a killer. The team heads to Philadelphia when a murder has strong connections to a missing MI6 Officer.

Season 14, episode 5 will peel away some of the layers of mystery surrounding Quinn since a crucial moment of her past will be revealed. Former NFL Player Studio Analyst for “The NFL Today,” Tony Gonzalez, will guest-star in this episode as NCIS Special Agent Tony Francis.

Meanwhile, McGee (Sean Murray) and Valderrama, who plays new agent Nick Toress, will supply some much needed humor during this episode. We will also find out what more about McGee and Delilah’s (Margo Harshman) upcoming nuptials.

“NCIS” Season 14 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.