• The clip was first shared on Facebook by fitness coach Roger Snipes
  • The 4.3-minute-long clip shot to viral fame
  • The footage has been viewed over 3 million times on social media

Fear of snakes is a common phobia among most people, typically due to their slithery appearance and the fear of getting exposed to their venom. However, snakes aren’t known to cause any harm unless provoked.

The fear for snakes stems from their negative portrayal in popular culture, where they are often linked to the devil and bad omen.

On the other hand, snakes are the most searched reptiles on the internet due to strange facts associated with them. Still, humans tend to eliminate them during a real-life encounter as they perceive the slimy and venomous creatures as tangible threats.

However, what a man has done recently is pretty unlikely for a human being to do for a snake—risking his own life and jumping into a well to save the reptile.

In a video shared on Facebook by Fitness and Performance coach Roger Snipes, the man is seen diving into a well to rescue a snake, according to The Indian Express. Very obviously, the daring stunt has left internet users shocked and at a loss for words.

The footage has been removed from the social media platform since but is now available on YouTube. Watch the video of the fearsome rescue below:

The clip starts with the snake swimming aimlessly in a well while a man inches near the reptile to rescue it. The 4.3-minute-long clip shows the man, after several failed attempts at rescuing it, splashes water on it to direct it to another man, who is seen climbing down small steps inside the well. The second man eventually grabs onto the serpent’s tail and rescues it with the help of a hook. At one point during the efforts, it seems the snake would bite the man as it slithers in his hand.

The clip has since gone viral. "This man is amazing," the caption reads. The footage has been viewed over 3 million times on social media, with users responding to the daredevil stunt. Some users called the man’s action "an act of kindness," while others wondered if the snake was as precious that the man risked his life. "Well done guys, but you’re putting yourself in danger, not a good idea," one user wrote in the comments.

Representational image pixabay