The "BoJack Horseman Christmas Special" is one of the many TV shows that have holiday episodes available to stream on Netflix. Netflix

Christmas is finally here – the tree is up, the presents are wrapped and the festivities are under way. As many celebrate the holiday with their family and friends, now’s the perfect time to look back at how your favorite TV shows celebrate the big day with Santa Claus. Check out more than 30 Christmas-themed TV episodes available to stream on Netflix:

“30 Rock” Season 2, episode 9

The cast and crew at TGS throw a Christmas party while Liz’s family visits New York City for the holidays. Jack’s holiday plans get ruined when his mom surprises him.

“30 Rock” Season 3, episode 6

Jack is once again forced to avoid his mother around the holidays during “Christmas Special.” Meanwhile, Liz tries to help children in need.

“30 Rock” Season 4, episode 8

Kenneth organizes a “Secret Santa Fun Swap” for the cast and crew at TGS.

“30 Rock” Season 5, episode 10

It’s all about healing during “Christmas Attack Zone.” Liz tries to help patch things up between Jenna and Paul, while Jack “comes clean” to his mother.

“American Dad” Season 2, episode 9

Stan time travels to the past “to keep Jane Fonda from ruining Christmas” … and ends up changing the future.

“American Dad” Season 3, episode 8

Stan has to petition for a second chance at life after he accidentally dies while getting the “perfect Christmas Tree.”

“American Dad” Season 6, episode 8

Santa Claus seeks revenge on the Smith family after Stan and Steve accidentally kill him.

“American Horror Story” Season 2, episode 8

A killer Santa gets admitted to Briarcliff asylum and terrorizes those within the walls.

“Arrested Development” Season 1, episode 7

George gets released from jail for Christmas, but tries to escape during the Living Classics Pageant. Meanwhile, George Michael upsets the crowd when he alters his costume.

“Arrested Development” Season 2, episode 6

Gob fires the entire staff at the holiday party and George Michael spends the day with Anne’s family.

“BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina’s Christmas Wish”

BoJack Horseman isn’t in the holiday spirit, but that changes after Todd makes him watch an old Christmas episode of his sitcom “Horsin’ Around.”

“Doctor Who” Season 7, episode 6

Celebrate Christmas with the Doctor during “The Snowmen,” which is set in 1892.

“Family Guy” Season 3, episode 16

Peter accidentally donates all the family Christmas gifts and tries to steal them back on Christmas Eve in “A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas.”

“Family Guy” Season 9, episode 8 and 9

In the hour-long special, “Road to the North Pole,” Stewie forces Brian to take him to the North Pole so that he could “kill Santa Claus.”

“Futurama” Season 2, episode 8

A murderous robotic Santa Claus targets Fry and Leela during “Xmas Story.”

“Gilmore Girls” Season 1, episode 10

Drama ensues in “Forgiveness and Stuff” when Richard collapses at the Christmas party and gets rushed to the hospital.

“Gossip Girl” Season 1, episode 11

Serena and Dan plan Christmas surprises during “Roman Holiday.” Meanwhile, Blair hatches a plan to get rid of her father’s husband when he shows up for dinner.

“How I Met Your Mother” Season 2, episode 11

A fight between Ted and Lily threatens to ruin the gang’s Christmas celebrations in “How Lily Stole Christmas.”

“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Season 6, episode 13

This is definitely not an episode to watch with the kids. Things get wild when Charlie accuses a mall Santa of sleeping with his mom.

“Lost” Season 4, episode 5

“The Constant” isn’t exactly a Christmas episode … but a Christmas tree does appear in the final moments! Desmond and Penny shippers won’t want to miss this one.

“Mad Men” Season 3, episode 13

Like “Lost,” “Mad Men” doesn’t focus on a Christmas story. However some Christmas trees can be seen throughout the episode.

“The Office” Season 2, episode 10

Things get out of hand during “Christmas Party” when Michael goes over the “Secret Santa” budget and then makes everyone participate in a “Yankee swap."

“The Office” Season 3, episode 10

In “A Benihana Christmas,” Michael makes Carol uncomfortable when he edits himself into a Christmas card with her family.

“The Office” Season 5, episode 11

Shenanigans ensue during “Moroccan Christmas” when Dwight makes money on the “hottest toy” of the season and Meredith’s hair catches fire.

“The Office” Season 6, episode 13

Phyllis tries to play Santa and Michael gets upset during “Secret Santa.”

“The Office” Season 7, episode 11 and 12

“Classy Christmas” was split up into two parts. The two episodes found Holly reuniting with Michael after Toby left the Scranton branch for a leave of absence. Although the office already celebrated Christmas, Michael wanted everyone to have another party again for Holly.

“Parks and Recreation” Season 2, episode 12

Holiday festivities take a twist in “Christmas Scandal” when Leslie gets “falsely accused of having sexual relations with a sleazy Pawnee councilman.”

“Parks and Recreation” Season 4, episode 10

“Citizen Knope” finds Leslie going through a hard time after getting suspended from the department. However, her office is bent on cheering her up by making her the “perfect Christmas gift.”

“Parks and Recreation” Season 5, episode 9

In “Ron and Diane,” Jerry causes some problems when his co-workers discover that he’s throwing a Christmas party … without them.

“Raising Hope” Season 1, episode 11

The whole family gets involved in a nativity scene after Jimmy finds out that his dad profited off of selling the most wanted Christmas toys.

“Raising Hope” Season 4, episode 10

Burt loses his holiday spirit after stepping in for the town mayor in “The Chance Who Stole Christmas.”

“Scrubs” Season 4, episode 12

The hospital is decked out for Christmas and the gang thinks back on their greatest moments in medicine.

“Supernatural” Season 3, episode 8

Christmas takes a disturbing turn in this “Supernatural” holiday special when Dean and Sam are forced to track “Anti-Claus,” a pair of pagan gods who pull their victims through chimneys.

“That ‘70s Show” Season 1, episode 12

Eric, Hyde and the gang throw a Christmas party while Kelso searches for a last minute gift for Jackie.

“That ‘70s Show” Season 4, episode 12

Eric directs the Christmas play for the church and the gang gets involved.

“The X Files” Season 5, episode 6

It’s Christmas-time but Scully doesn’t have a typical holiday. In San Diego to visit family, Scully tracks a call for help that leads to a dead woman.

“The X Files” Season 6, episode 6

Mulder and Scully stake out a haunted house on Christmas Eve in “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas.”

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