Netflix offers over 30 Christmas-themed episodes of your favorite TV shows to watch this December. Getty

Christmas is only a few weeks away and many are starting to wrap gifts, bake cookies and of course, watch some traditional holiday movies and specials on TV. If you're looking for some TV episodes you can watch anytime while celebrating the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year," we've got you covered. Check out over 30 Christmas-themed TV episodes available to stream on Netflix this month:

“30 Rock” Season 2, episode 9

In “Ludachristmas,” Jacks sees a big difference between his parents and Liz’s. His mother goes on to “taunt” Liz which leads to her disclosing a family secret.

“30 Rock” Season 3, episode 6

The TGS crew decides to abandon their idea of a holiday-themed show, while Liz tries to help children through charity.

“30 Rock” Season 4, episode 8

Jack reconnects with a high school crush played by Julianne Moore. Jack and Liz also decide to exchange gifts with one another that don’t cost money.

“30 Rock” Season 5, episode 10

Liz tries to help both Jenna and Jack in “Christmas Attack Zone.” Meanwhile, Tracy wants his newest movie not to be released.

“American Dad” Season 2, episode 9

The future gets changed when Stan travels to the past to take out Jane Fonda, who he believes has ruined Christmas.

“American Dad” Season 3, episode 8

Stan comes back home after a “dangerous mission” to find his family has decorated for Christmas, but not in the way he wants it.

“American Dad” Season 6, episode 8

When Steve is given a gun by Stan for Christmas, he “accidentally” shoots Santa Claus, who will seek revenge on the Smith family.

“American Horror Story” Season 2, episode 8

Ian McShane stars as a patient who dresses up as Santa and looks to get revenge on Sister Jude at Briarcliff asylum.

“Arrested Development” Season 1, episode 7

George gets released from jail for Christmas thanks to the family attorney, but he tries to escape during the Living Classics Pageant. George Michael has to wear “an embarrassing codpiece” for the pageant.

“Arrested Development” Season 2, episode 6

Michael has to find a way to rehire all the employees back when Gob fires everyone after being “roasted” at the holiday party.

“BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina’s Christmas Wish”

BoJack Horseman doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas, but Todd does his best to get him in the holiday spirit with an old Christmas episode of “Horsin’ Around.”

“Doctor Who” Season 7, episode 6

Travel back to 1892 with the Doctor, as he tries to help a young woman in “The Snowmen.”

“Family Guy” Season 3, episode 16

Stewie uses his role as baby Jesus in a play to be good For Santa Claus, while also teaching Lois the meaning of Christmas at the same time in “A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas.”

“Family Guy” Season 9, episode 8 and 9

Stewie goes to the North Pole with Brian in this hour-long special, titled “Road to the North Pole.” Stewie wants to kill Santa, but when they get there they find him sick and decide to carry out the holiday for him.

“Friends” Season 2, episode 9

Phoebe tries to track down her real dad, while Monica tries tipping people with cookies instead of money.

“Friends” Season 3, episode 10

Joey tries to get a job selling Christmas trees with the help of Phoebe, while Rachel decides to quit Central Perk to find a new job.

“Friends” Season 4, episode 10

In “The One With the Girl From Poughkeepsie” Ross has to decide if he should continue to date a woman who lives far away, while Phoebe tries to write a Christmas song about her friends.

“Friends” Season 5, episode 10

Phoebe helps collect money for the poor during the holiday season and Ross and Joey start write a screenplay together.

“Friends” Season 6, episode 10

The gang decides to look for Monica’s Christmas gifts so they can figure out what they should get for her in return.

“Friends” Season 7, episode 10

Ross dresses up as a “Holiday Armadillo” in this holiday episode, where Ross tries introduces Hanukkah to Ben and Phoebe gives Joey bizarre gifts.

“Friends” Season 8, episode 11

Ross is on edge when Mona wants to send out joint Christmas cards.

“Friends” Season 9, episode 10

Chandler gets stuck in Tulsa where a co-worker starts to hit on him, leading to him quitting his job and make it home to Monica for the holiday.

“Futurama” Season 2, episode 8

In “Xmas Story,” Fry and Leela are hunted by an evil robotic Santa Claus, while Bender spends time at a homeless robot shelter.

“Gilmore Girls” Season 1, episode 10

Rory gets advice from Lane about Christmas gift ideas for Dean and Richard gets taken to the hospital after he collapses at a holiday party in “Forgiveness and Stuff.”

“Gossip Girl” Season 1, episode 11

Blair is shocked to discover her father has a boyfriend, who he brings to Christmas dinner.

“How I Met Your Mother” Season 2, episode 11

Ted calls Lily a nasty name because he’s still angry with her over calling off the engagement with Marshall. The fight almost ruins their holiday in “How Lily Stole Christmas.”

“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Season 6, episode 13

Charlie accuses a mall Santa of sleeping with his mom, in this double episode Christmas special filled with “stolen toys, naked elves and a bloody run-in with Santa.”

“The Office” Season 2, episode 10

Michael makes a bad decision in giving everyone the ability to steal each other’s “Secret Santa” gifts in “Christmas Party.”

“The Office” Season 3, episode 10

Michael and Carol break up before Christmas, leaving Michael to have to find someone to come to Jamaica with him.

“The Office” Season 5, episode 11

Dwight sells the most popular Christmas toy, “Princess Unicorn” on “Moroccan Christmas.” Phyllis reveals a secret about Dwight and Angela to everyone.

“The Office” Season 6, episode 13

Michael dresses up as both Santa and Jesus after getting upset that Phyllis was allowed to play Santa during “Secret Santa.”

“The Office” Season 7, episode 11 and 12

The two part “Classy Christmas” found Michael happy to see Holly return to the office to cover for Toby. Michael then has Pam plan a second Christmas party just for Holly.

“Parks and Recreation” Season 2, episode 12

In “Christmas Scandal” Leslie finds herself in the middle of a sex scandal with a councilman, while Ron offers to cover for her.

“Parks and Recreation” Season 4, episode 10

Leslie puts together a “citizen action group” after being unable to get work done. Her office tries to lift her spirits by making her the “perfect Christmas gift.”

“Parks and Recreation” Season 5, episode 9

In “Ron and Diane,” Diane feels threatened by another woman in Ron’s life, while Jerry gets caught throwing a Christmas party without his co-workers.

“Raising Hope” Season 1, episode 11

Jimmy learns that his father used to sell the most wanted Christmas toy to make money, while Virginia wants the entire family to participate in the nativity.

“Raising Hope” Season 4, episode 10

Burt becomes the mayor of Natesville in “The Chance Who Stole Christmas,” but the job starts to ruin his holiday spirit.

“Scrubs” Season 4, episode 12

J.D. speaks to pre-med students about his experiences as a doctor during the holidays.

“Supernatural” Season 3, episode 8

Dean and Sam are on the hunt for “Anti-Claus,” a pair of pagan gods who murder their victims by pulling them through chimneys.

“That ‘70s Show” Season 1, episode 12

After getting money from Red, Eric, Hyde and the gang cut down a tree of their own, while keeping the money to throw a Christmas party.

“That ‘70s Show” Season 3, episode 9

Hyde throws a Christmas party where Eric gets drunk and leads to Kitty and Red talking to Bud about parenting.

“That ‘70s Show” Season 4, episode 12

In “An Eric Forman Christmas” Eric directs the Christmas play for the church and gets his friends involved.

“The X Files” Season 5, episode 6

Yes, even “The X-Files” has holiday episodes. In San Diego to visit family, Scully finds a 3-year-old girl who she believes could be her sister’s child, but she slowly learns the girl may have come from somewhere very different…

“The X Files” Season 6, episode 6

Mulder and Scully have to deal with two ghosts on Christmas Eve while investigating a haunted house in “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas.”