Christmas is quickly approaching which means the most wonderful time of the year is finally upon us. Thanks to Netflix, it’s easy to look back on some of your favorite TV shows featuring episodes that celebrate the arrival of the holiday season and Santa Claus’ trip from the North Pole to deliver presents.

Check out over 30 Christmas-themed TV episodes available to stream on Netflix this December:

“American Horror Story” Season 2, Episode 8

Santa Claus pays a visit to the patients at Briarcliff, but this time around he plans on leaving behind murder victims rather than Christmas presents.

“Arrested Development” Season 1, Episode 7

The family attorney prepares for George Senior’s prison release, while George Michael upsets the crowd at the Living Classics Pageant with his costume change.

“Arrested Development” Season 2, Episode 6

When Gib fires all of the employees during Bluth’s company Christmas party, Michael must figure out how to hire them all back.

“Cheers” Season 6, Episode 12

Rebecca forces everyone to work late on the holiday, while Sam searches for the perfect Christmas gift.

“Friends” Season 2, Episode 9

Phoebe is busy searching for her biological father so they can finally spend Christmas together as Monica attempts to tip people with holiday cookies instead of money.

“Friends” Season 3, Episode 10

Rachel begins to regret quitting Central Perk. Elsewhere, Joey upsets Phoebe by selling the Christmas tree.

“Friends” Season 4, Episode 10

Chandler tries to find the perfect date for Rachel, while Monica plans to gain more power at her job.

“Friends” Season 5, Episode 10

Rachel learns her date has an unusually close relationship with his sister as Phoebe attempts to be charitable during the holidays.

“Friends” Season 6, Episode 10

Ross, Joey and Monica head over to Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve, while Rachel and Phoebe try to find their hidden Christmas presents.

“Friends” Season 7, Episode 10

Ross wants Ben to understand the significance of Hanukkah ahead of Christmas and decides to dress up as the “Holiday Armadillo.”

“Friends” Season 8, Episode 11

As Joey prepares to take his relationship with Rachel to the next level, Ross struggles to support his new girlfriend’s request to send out Christmas cards with their photo.

“Friends” Season 9, Episode 10

Chandler is forced to spend Christmas with an attractive coworker, while Monica is overcome with panic.

“Glee” Season 2, Episode 10

Rachel is determined to win Finn back, but he’s too focused on spreading the Christmas spirit to acknowledge her attempts. Meanwhile, Sue threatens to ruin the holiday by dressing up as the Grinch and stealing presents.

“Glee” Season 3, Episode 9

The New Directions are asked to perform at two different events at the same time during the holidays.

“Glee” Season 4, Episode 10

Brittany and Sam try to enjoy their final days as the Mayan apocalypse approaches as Kurt gets a Christmas surprise.

“Glee” Season 5, Episode 8

Rachel, Kurt, and Santana decide to take jobs as elves at the mall, while the New Directions gear up to audition for the high school’s nativity scene.

“Gossip Girl” Season 1, Episode 11

Blair’s Upper East Side Christmas plans are turned upside when her father arrives with his boyfriend.

“Gossip Girl” Season 2, Episode 12

Aaron’s ex-girlfriend develops a crush on Dan as Chuck and Blair try to find dates for each other in time for the Snowflake Ball.

“Jane The Virgin” Season 2, Episode 8

Jane needs to figure out a way to pay for grad school while planning the perfect Christmas for Mateo.

“The Office” Season 2, episode 10

The Christmas party takes a dramatic turn when Michael ignores the secret Santa budget and begins making demands.

“The Office” Season 3, episode 10

Carol becomes uncomfortable when she learns Michael has photoshopped himself into her family’s Christmas card.

“The Office” Season 5, episode 11

The holiday takes a chaotic turn when Meredith’s hair is set on fire and Dwight begins to profit off of the “hottest toy” of the season.

“The Office” Season 6, episode 13

Michael becomes bummed out from the results of the office’s secret Santa exchange, while Phyllis attempts to take on the role of the jolly old man in red.

“The Office” Season 7, episode 11 and 12

The two-part episode follows Holly’s reunion with Michael after Toby’s leave of absence. Thrilled about her return, Michael wants to have another holiday party even though the office already celebrated Christmas.

“The Office” Season 8, Episode 10

Andy is determined to make everyone’s Christmas wish come true, but the odd requests threaten to ruin his mission.

“The Office” Season 9, Episode 9

Dwight decides to throw a traditional German Christmas when the party committee fails to present a worthy holiday celebration.

“Parks and Recreation” Season 2, Episode 12

When Leslie is forced to keep a low profile after a disgraceful sex scandal, Ron offers her a way out.

“Parks and Recreation” Season 4, Episode 10

The office is scrambling to find the perfect Christmas present for Leslie as she forms a citizen action group to force a change in the Parks Department.

“Parks and Recreation” Season 5, Episode 9

Ron’s finds himself in a complicated situation while attending an award ceremony with Leslie and Diane. Meanwhile, Jerry’s friends learn about the Christmas party he didn‘t invite them to.

“Pretty Little Liars” Season 5, Episode 13

When Christmas arrives in Rosewood, Alison’s ice ball gives the girls the perfect opportunity to get justice for Mona and prove Spencer’s innocence.

“Riverdale” Season 2, Episode 9

Pictured (L-R): Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch), Kevin (Casey Cott), Veronica (Camila Mendes) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) prepare to celebrate Christmas on “Riverdale” Season 2, Episode 9. Katie Yu/The CW

Christmas has finally come to Riverdale, but all Betty and Archie can think about is finding out the true identity of the Black Hood.

“Supernatural” Season 3, Episode 8

When the brothers are needed to investigate the murders of victims, who were pulled through chimneys, Dean’s dreams of having a normal Christmas are threatened.

“The Vampire Diaries” Season 6, Episode 10

Bonnie reminiscences about the Christmases she spent with her friends over the years, while Caroline receives a holiday surprise. Meanwhile, Alaric turns to Damon and Elena when Jo goes missing.