After the parade and barbeque, some might want to finish Memorial Day with a movie. Netflix always has plenty of options, and there are even some films that would be appropriate for the holiday. Remember the men and women serving in the armed forces with a movie.

 “Patton” — This 1970 movie, written by Francis Ford Coppola, tells the story of U.S. General George Patton. George C. Scott, Karl Malden, Michael Bates and Karl Michael Vogler star in the Oscar winning movie, and Scott made history when he was the first actor to refuse to accept a statue for best actor. “Patton” is rated PG.

“Tears of the Sun” — Bruce Willis stars as a Navy SEAL who is sent to Africa to save a doctor. However, he realizes that he can’t leave all the refugees that she is caring for behind. Monica Bellucci and Cole Hauser also star in the 2003 drama. This film is rated R.

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“War Machine” — This new Netflix original movie focuses on an overconfident U.S. general who has to command NATO forces in Afghanistan. Premiering May 26, Netflix says the movie is “an absurdist war story of a born leader’s ultra-confident march right into the dark heart of folly.” However, his ego might be his downfall. Brad Pitt, Topher Grace and Anthony Michael Hall star .

War Machine “War Machine” will be released on Netflix just in time for Memorial Day. Photo: Netflix

 “Saints and Soldiers: The Void” — Sgt. Jesse Owens (Adam Gregory) is part of a group of WWII soldiers that discovers plans for a German ambush, but the prejudices of his own team make fighting in the war even harder. This 2014 movie is rated PG-13.

“Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden” — This 2012 flick is a dramatized version of the real takedown of Bin Laden. Cam Gigandet and Anson Mount star in the violent movie, which has no rating.

“Too Young the Hero” — Rickey Schroder stars as a 12-year-old who manages to join the Navy. Based on the true story of Calvin Graham, he serves at the battle of Guadalcanal and eventually earns a purple heart. The movie wasn’t rated, but it was made-for-TV in 1988, so it’s safe to say it’s probably not too obscene.

“USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage” — A Navy crew in WWII is stranded in the Philippine Sea, and they have to find a way to deal with a shortage of provisions and a string of shark attacks. Nicolas Cage, Tom Sizemore and Matt Lanter star in the 2016 flick, which is rated R.

“Sand Castle” — This Netflix original film follows an American soldier (Nicholas Hoult) who doesn’t feel like he’s cut out for the armed forces. He has to find a way to survive his deployment, though. That will get tougher when his platoon is sent to fix a hostile village’s water system. The 2014 film is rated TV-MA.

Memorial Day movies on Netflix “Sand Castle” follows a soldier who regrets enlisting. Photo: Netflix

“Field of Lost Shoes” — This 2014 flick takes viewers to the Civil War. Inexperienced teenagers are forced to fight when the Union tries to take Shenandoah Valley. David Arquette, Lauren Holly and Jason Issacs star. This movie is rated PG-13.

“Forrest Gump” — Tom Hanks’ iconic performance in this 1994 film can’t be forgotten. The movie follows Forrest’s life, part of which includes being sent to fight in Vietnam. He even wins a Medal of Honor for his service. Robin Wright, Mykelti Williamson and Sally Field also star in the PG-13 movie.

“Brothers in War” — This National Geographic Channel documentary shows footage of the Charlie Company, the last U.S. platoon sent into the Vietnam War. Charlie Sheen narrates the two-hour special, which is rated TV-MA.