Super Bowl 50 won’t air until Sunday night, but fans don’t have to wait until then to get settled on the couch. There are plenty of other football-themed movies Netflix subscribers can watch before the big game. Here are some of the football flicks that are currently available to stream while you practice your touchdown dance or make your own jersey.

1. “Radio” — James Robert “Radio” Kennedy (Cuba Gooding Jr.), a mentally disabled 23-year-old high school student, gets a chance to help coach the football and basketball teams after they bully him. 

2. “Undefeated” — The documentary follows Bill Courtney as he tries to get an inner-city team from Memphis, Tennessee, to the playoffs. 

3. “We Could Be King” — This inspirational documentary shows two rival schools merging after budget cuts. Luckily, a young coach brings the teams together.

4. “Catching Faith” — Beau (Garrett Westton) starts drinking and risks his spot on the football team. He’ll need to rely on his faith and his family to help him through this challenge.

5. “The Roughnecks” — This documentary shows a pee-wee football league’s championship.

6. “Two Days In April” — Four college football players are followed in this sports documentary about the NFL draft.

7. “The Last Fall” — Kyle (Lance Gross) is suddenly forced to retire from the NFL at just 25 years old. He discovers that starting a new life isn’t easy.

8. “Marvel and ESPN Films Present 1 of 1: Genesis” — Superheroes might be fictional, but they inspire real people. This documentary looks at the effect Marvel superheroes, like Captain America, Spider-Man and Black Widow, had on famous athletes.

9. “All Things Fall Apart” — Talented high school football player Deon (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) has tons of opportunities ahead of him — if he can overcome cancer first.

10. “Season of a Lifetime” — Jeremy Williams, who is dying of ALS, coaches one last season of football in this documentary.

11. “A Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story” — This movie also follows a coach after he is diagnosed with ALS. Though it’s not a documentary, it’s based on the true story of Charlie Wedemeyer.

12. “Happy Valley” — This dark documentary looks at the town of Happy Valley after Jerry Sandusky, an assistant coach at Penn State, is arrested on 40 counts of child molestation.

Just be sure to finish your Netflix movie marathon before kickoff. Super Bowl 50 airs Sunday at 6:30 p.m. EST on CBS.