Money changer shows some one-hundred U.S. dollar bills at an exchange booth in Tokyo
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Some of the new hundred bills that are coming out in October could be worth anywhere from one thousand to 15 thousand dollars, and not’s because the government made a mistake with some of the zeroes.

According to, the new bills will be issued to the public on Oct. 8, but the digits in the lower right-hand corner could turn paper into gold. For a handful of the new hundred-dollar bills, the value could be inflated if the serial numbers on the money are what currency collectors call “fancy.”

A fancy serial number, according to the news site, is a collection of digits that is deemed special or unusual to collectors. For the average person, it might be something mundane, but collectors might see it as the Holy grail of currency. wrote if it’s a serial number that’s a date like a 09112001 bill or 07041776 bill, it could garner anywhere from $500 to $1 thousand dollars.

More specifically, the pattern of the serial number is what they find attractive. wrote there are different categories, which can generate a different amount of money.

The following is some of the subcategories: solid, which means the numbers are the same, like 11111111; radar, which is the same number backward or forward, like 13466431; repeater, which means both halves are the same, like 12791279; super repeater, which is a pair of numbers that repeats four times like 55553333, a ladder, like 12345678; low, 00000100 or lower; high, 99999900 or higher.

The Boston Globe said solids can get up to $3 thousand, while radars and repeaters can sell for $1,300. Not all the amounts for each category were listed for hundred-dollar bills, but collectors aren’t just interested in hundreds, they also find other bills’ serial numbers appealing.

So why would anyone want to dish out all this money over serial numbers? Collector Dave Undis told the news site that sometimes he just has to “have it.” “If you look at a dollar bill, the number can just jump out at you,” he said. “You see something like a super radar, and your head says you just gotta have it.”

Undis even has a “wanted list.” Check it out here.