Ubisoft studio Massive has announced that it’s currently working on a new game based on James Cameron’s “Avatar” film franchise. As part of the announcement, the studio released a teaser video but no game footage has been released just yet.

Massive Entertainment is the same studio behind “The Division.” The studio will be using its own engine, Snowdrop, for the still-untitled “Avatar” game which will be released for the PC and to “unspecified consoles,” according to GameSpot.

This is the second time that Ubisoft is making a game based on the world of “Avatar.” The first game came out in 2009 and was a prequel to the film. It was made available for the PS3, Xbox 360, the PC and the Wii.

Massive will be working alongside Fox Interactive and Lightstorm Entertainment, James Cameron’s film production company. The teaser video released for the new “Avatar” game features commentary from Cameron himself as well as from Massive developers. Unfortunately, the teaser doesn’t include any footage from the game itself, only clips from the 2009 film.

“It fits really well with many of things we are interested in: ecology, sustainability, fighting for what you believe in. A lot of interesting values that really resonate with the team,” Massive Entertainment managing director David Polfeldt said. “Our mission is always to make the best games in the world. In this case, I think we have a unique opportunity to do something that is very, very rare.”

No details have been given out regarding the game’s story, gameplay or release date. However, Ditte Deenfeldt, the associate creative director for Massive, said in the teaser that players would be able to choose how they want to experience the new “Avatar” game. This might be hint that the game will feature an open world environment, as poited out by Polygon.