An old video has gone viral following the George Zimmerman acquittal. The New Black Panther Party wanted to get their hands on the Florida neighborhood watchman in early 2012 after news broke that he shot and killed unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin.

“We’re saying to President Obama, you gotta do your job on this one buddy,” spokesman Mikhail Muhammad said in the video last year. “So white America, we have given you 400 years to get it right and you still have failed black people. We’re not even citizens in this country. We’re still third class citizens. Today as black men, we must stand up. We must say to white America, ‘Your time is up.’”

He went on to offer a $10,000 reward for Zimmerman's capture. "We’re going to force our government to do their job properly, and if they don’t we will. It is a very troubling time in the United States of America."

In most states it is a felony to offer a monetary reward for a citizen who is not currently charged with a crime, but the video is more than a year old. The YouTube clip dates back to March 25, 2012, a month after the Martin killing, and that is also when the New York Daily News first wrote about the reward. But now the story has surfaced again, and some irate Twitter users seem to think it's new.

Take a look at some of their tweets below: