The creators of the “Duke Nukem” series have released a new trailer for their upcoming game “Bombshell,” a spiritual follow-up to the classic “Duke Nukem” games of old. Originally, “Bombshell” was supposed to be a brand-new game in the “Duke Nukem” series called “Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction,” but it was redone due to the new “Duke Nukem” publisher, Gearbox Software, suing the company, Polygon reports.

Despite the messy history, former “Duke Nukem” developer 3D Realms has teamed up with publisher Interceptor to bring fans “Bombshell,” and now fans will be able to see the game in action with the new trailer. Prior to its worldwide release, the new “Bombshell” trailer was shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) before it became available for everyone, like most anticipated game videos from E3.

In an interesting move, the new “Bombshell” trailer showcases some actual gameplay and it's completely different from what fans usually expect in a “Duke Nukem game.” The game is now a top-down shooter and features numerous enemies to shoot and plenty of dangerous areas to explore.

However, while the game may be different, there is still a lot of what made “Duke Nukem” a popular series in the 1990s in “Bombshell,” according to GameSpot. The female lead takes on various alien species like Duke did and even has a number of one-liners. Whether the character plans on making pop-culture references or breaking the fourth wall, like in the disastrous “Duke Nukem Forever,” remains unknown.

The end of the trailer also reveals some interesting news, as it states that “Bombshell” will be playable in Quakecon 2015. VG24/7 said the event will be free to attend and will take place July 23 -26 in Dallas.

“Bombshell” is expected to come out sometime this year for Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and the Windows PC. Whether this title finally erases the bad memory of “Duke Nukem Forever” remains to be seen.

Bombshell E3 2015 Gameplay Trailer (Credit: YouTube/3D Realms)